Starship IV Chimera: a modular 3D printable 28mm spaceship

When I was young, I built a model of the Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). Even though I was used to seeing a cup of tea appear out of thin air on t.v., I couldn't have imagined being able to make a 3D-printable spaceship! Thanks to this campaign, you can print the Starship IV Chimera on your own 3D printer or via a print service.

The Chimera is a cargo hauler's dream, allowing you to transport supplies to far off colonies, deposit tactical vehicles in hostile territories, or bring back artifacts from alien worlds. It's scaled for 28mm play to use in your RPG or wargame, or just for display.

Get the STL files for this highly detailed starship and all stretch goals for about $62, or go all-in for about $104 and also get the campaign-exclusive add-on STLs. You can get all four starships they've released to date, AND all Kickstarter-exclusive stretch goals for about $155. This package allows for more than 30 ship variants and combinations! Check out the campaign before it ends on November 22, 2019.

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About the Ship

The Chimera is humongous (it's 3 feet/90 cm long when printed!) and can be customized in length, height and width. It's detailed inside and out and a variety of configurations can be used to customize the deck plans that include three decks standard. It has OpenLOCK-compatible modular interiors.

The Kickstarter page offers a file for free to test print so that you can see the quality of detail that you can expect. 

Look at all of the files you get for your pledge! Over 100 unique pieces.


More on Kickstarter

There are lots more options and upgrades on Kickstarter, so check it out before the campaign ends November 22, 2019.

See the Kickstarter

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Supporter13 months ago

woah! so detailed!

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