New This Week: Dredd's Dark Judges, Abandon All Artichokes, All The Goodest Puppers

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The first expansion to Martin Wallace's Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter is here. One of my favorite releases of the last few years, Helter Skelter's retheme/expansion of the Wildlands system turns tactics games into a thinky, card-driven experience.

Osprey Games was kind enough to send me a review copy of Dark Judges (as well as their ENTIRE line of Wildlands...) so I hope to publish my thoughts on it soon. Spoiler alert: I live it, so a whole new team to play as seems like it'll be great fun.

Abandon all Artichokes wins best name of 2020 so far; a heartless card game about dumping the artichokes from your bumper vegetable crop.

This deck-building style game features adorable veggies that you use to prune your deck of prickly produce and harvest a new crop of veggies to victory. Abandon All Artichokes was designed by Ludology podcast host Emma Larkins.

Chris Cieslik over at Asmadi Games (One Deck Dungeon) brings us All The Goodest Puppers. The game (currently kickstarting) has the most adorable watercolor companions who would love to do nothing more than come to your yard to bury some bones.

All the Goodest Puppers is a 30 minute card game with some of the best art in the business, and one of the best names too. 

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I saw Tantrum House preview the Judge Dredd expansion... I want someone in my group to get it so I can try lol

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