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Ginkgopolis is available on Zatu


For those who have been waiting for a Ginkgopolis reprint, I see it available for pre-order on Zatu. I personally haven't been too satisfied with the way Zatu tends to ship the games (very minimal or typically zero packing material inside) but I haven't run into a big problem yet. Also, if you don't want to go for it given the expensive shipping cost, I'm guessing we'll start seeing it available on the typical stores listed on our website soon.

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Supporter2 months ago

I've never even heard of Zatu. What is this Zatu?

2 months ago

It's an online retail store based in the UK. Their prices are very competitive, usually the lowest around, so 80-90% of my purchases are from there.

Premium User59 days ago

Interesting. Not like you'd know this, but how's shipping to the US?

59 days ago

No idea.. I shy away from ordering from the US because the customs tax is huge. I presume it's the same the other way around? 

Owner59 days ago

Hmm doesn't seem too bad at all. I tested with #The Quacks of Quedlinburg on Zatu and it comes up as around $4-5 shipping

Premium User58 days ago

Thanks Phil! I tried it too and it was weird cause the shipping was like $25 but the price of the individual item dropped...I think I'll stil to US based stores lol

58 days ago

I once bought a tiny pack of replacement components from the US and I ended up paying $15 shipping and about $30 in tax. Never again. 

Premium User57 days ago


Partner2 months ago

Sounds like either a pokemon, a disease, or a comic character. :p Sorry I've been sleep deprived. 

59 days ago

dude their prices are really good for over-seas games. I was really close to getting #The Quacks of Quedlinburg from them before the giveaway for only $35 with free shipping. they also have #Troyes for a reasonable price too i believe

Supporter2 months ago

This was a Grail of mine for a long time. It has sort of fallen off for me a little bit though. 

2 months ago

Basically all of my awareness of this game comes from people here, specifically bringing it up from time to time. I don't know if I've ever seen it mentioned elsewhere.

Supporter2 months ago

I heard a lot about it from some of my sources early in the hobby, one of the main ones was, farmer Lenny from islaythedragon.... This was one of his favorite games. 

Partner2 months ago

same. It's been soo long that I can't remember why I wanted to get it the first place. Can't recall if the expansion was an essential one as well. 

Supporter2 months ago

I don't think it is essential in any way. But my memory of what I heard about it might be way off. 

2 months ago

When first got into the hobby I remember this being spoken about as a big deal. Never seen it mentioned ever since then, until now.

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