9 Cool Games Like Carcassonne | Find Your Next Favorite Board Game

Do you love claiming roads, building cities, and playing tiles to create a unique map in the game Carcassone? Looking for other games like Carcassonne that you might want to try? Check out these 9 co...

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Premium User17 months ago

Definitely a stretch on some of those. A couple I would add:

Between Two Cities

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

17 months ago

I really enjoy articles like this. Great list. Thanks!

17 months ago

Great article and I very much agree with your choices. I have played and either own of have owned 8 of the 9. Viticulture is the only one I haven't gotten to try.

Tile laying is my jam and Carcassonne is still king of the hill.

Premium User17 months ago

I’d highly recommend checking out Okanagan: Valley of the Lakes if you are looking for a Carcassonne. Like game. It’s one of my favourites but it never made a big splash.

17 months ago

This is one of my favorite blog posts that I've ever written and one that I get a lot of positive feedback on. 

I've always struggled with the "games like" questions that gamers get because they are often one dimensional - either focusing on game "heaviness" or specific theme. When someone asks that question, they don't realize it but there is an unspoken element of the game that THEY found most exciting and when they ask you "What's a game like_____" they are expecting you to know what the secret sauce of that game was for them.

Because it remains unspoken (and in most cases subconscious even to them!)...you're left giving them advice based on what that game does for YOU. 

So in this post (and a few like it) I've broken down games into a few of their secret-sauce points and shared some games that are "like" that specific element.

17 months ago

Great article. I like the way you broke things down!

Supporter17 months ago

That is an interesting way of looking at it. 

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