Kickstarter roundup: Blood-soaked Vengeance, on the Origin of Species, and what's Buzzing.

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Vengeance Returns

What is Vengeance? 2 years ago I wrote this:

"Vengeance is the moment when the music stops and everyone in a room looks up at the sword-wielding figure who just walked in. Vengeance is the roar of gunfire in an illegal chop shop followed by the clinking of bullet shells in a dead silence. Vengeance is every ‘backflip through a plate glass window into the camera with two guns blazing’ scene in every action film you’ve ever seen and it’s right here on your table."

The Director's Cut is currently on Kickstarter, featuring the core box and a bunch of content expansions; but just the base game alone is a ton of fun. One of my favorite games of the last few years.

Darwin's Choice

A game of adaptation and selection, Darwin's Choice looks slick as heck. You can back the base game or the Encyclopaedia expansion. The game is made sustainably, promising to support mangrove forests to offset the carbon footprint, and uses sustainable, controlled wood sources, and no plastic.

It's really cool to see more games paying attention to environmental sustainability - plus the game itself looks excellent. If that's something you'd be keen to support, hit up the campaign page.

Honey Buzz

If you're not already sold, I don't know how to sell you.

A 'worker bee' placement game, Honey Buzz tasks you with expanding your hive, collecting nectar, and selling honey to the hungry bears that have come to buy from you. It's adorable, it's a eurogame, I don't know what else you want. Go back.

JamesReid860 Supporter6 months ago | 1 point[-]

Vengeance and Honey Buzz both look quite interesting!

ithayla 6 months ago | 1 point[-]

Vengeance is so. Much. Fun.

JamesReid860 Supporter6 months ago | 2 points[-]

It looks like it is!

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