Board Game Atlas: Pocket [v0.2.0 Beta Release]


Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that v0.2.0 of the Board Game Atlas: Pocket just went live in the Google Play Store. Introducing exciting new features and improvements. I received lots of feedback regarding the v0.1 release and I want to thank you for that.

New in this release:

  • Search the entire Board Game Atlas database!
  • Browse & modify your lists
  • Edit reviews
  • Browse Trending & Popular games
  • UI changes and tweaks

Images: Imgur Gallery

Download: Google Play

Got feedback? Leave a comment below, send me a pm or mail me at boardgameatlaspocket(@)

This is still a beta release so you might experience bugs or missing functionality.

For the 0.3.0 release I will focus on integrating the forums into the app. What features do you want to see the most for the v0.3.0 release?

Have a great day!


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20 months ago

It might take a while for the new version to show up for every user. If you still see the old version, please try again later or If you've already installed the app and have 'auto update' enabled then it should be downloaded automatically in the next few hours.

Its live now!

20 months ago

Very cool I will check for the update when I get to my tablet.

Supporter20 months ago

I like the updates. I noticed a couple things

  • The link that says Top Games goes to a page that says Trending
  • I wanted to see all the most popular games so I tried going to search and typed nothing in but it wouldn't let me
  • I liked the new visual for the play log!
  • The game lists was confusing when it just started inside one of my lists by default. I can see it being a better way to do it though if I'm always referencing my 'Owned' to go log a play or something so I can easily see that working.
  • I also went to settings just to see what was there and logged out by accident when I tried to hit the hamburger menu button, haha
  • I did want to see some of the play information on the logged page but couldn't click on the rows

Overall, the improvements are great! I'm looking forward to seeing the forums integrated! I'm hoping to just see a feed of the posts like twitter or something just to be able to browse the info easily. I'm looking forward to v0.3!

20 months ago

Thanks for your feedback, those are some really good points. 

  • Regarding the Top Games, you can click on the Trending menu bar to get a drop-down. You can switch between Trending and Popular.
  • I think for the My Games screen, I'm gonna make a setting in the Settings screen where you can set your "Collection" list (owned). I think only users that have imported from bgg have a Owned list, so just relying on that seems a bit tricky.
  • The logout button could probably use some confirmation :).
  • The play screen is something I like to further improve (currently you can only record plays with notes anyway, not the advanced metadata)