Heavy co op games

Hey there,

I'm on the hunt for heavy co-ops. I usually like competive games, but my partner and their parents like co-op games. We are all good with heavy games.  Im looking for near perfect/perfect info, low luck/no luck games.  That's generally what I prefer and I want to enjoy it too.

Currently we are playing Spirit Island.  Im looking at CO2: second chance.   Looking to bring Fire in the Lake to the table soon as well. But I'm always looking for more

Some other general games I usually play are food chain mangate, barrage, gaia project, pipeline, brass, etc.  Thanks for any recommendations you may have 

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Premium User12 months ago

I haven't played it but #Gloomhaven seems like it'd for the bill. I actually don't know how it rates in terms of luck, but otherwise it's a heavy-ish co-op, to my understanding.

12 months ago

The same, I've not played it, but four of my friends (in two couples) have played it 2P and loved it

12 months ago

I have had a really enjoyable time with #Mistfall, it is a deck building combat game, entirely co-op. It is certainly on the heavy end but that allows for some really interesting combos and each character feels very unique in their play style (except the two wizards who are a bit samey). The weight/variance also makes quarterbacking impossible so everyone gets to feel involved.

#Arkham Horror: The Card Game is lighter in some aspects but is a wonderfully thematic legacy style co-op game, that I've never heard of anyone not enjoying.

Both of these have luck in terms of card draw, but certainly in Mistfall, you have a great degree of control over so many aspects of what you do that the luck factor is minimal in reality.

Supporter12 months ago

Check out #Mage Knight or #Star Trek: Frontiers. They are basically the same game, but with different themes. They are both great, heavy, and can be played coop. 

Supporter12 months ago

I feel like #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is a good one to check out here as well. It’s a beast to set up and remember the rules. But it’s very fun and very punishing!

12 months ago

Give #Ghost Stories a look. It's fantastic. And incredibly difficult.