New Hidden Role Deduction Meets Trivia Game From Sushi Go Creator Phil Walker-Harding

Snakesss Board Game

#Snakesss is the brand new party game just announced coming out in June 2021 from publisher Big Potato Games and designer Phil Walker-Harding (#Sushi Go Party!, #Barenpark, #Gizmos, #Imhotep, #Cacao and #Silver & Gold)

In each round, players can be one of three characters: Snakes, Humans or the Mongoose of Truth (the only player Humans know is not a Snake). Once a multiple-choice question is read aloud, the Snakes will see the correct answer first… leaving the Humans and Mongoose of Truth in the dark. You do not know whatever everyone's motives are, so you do not know who to trust is giving you the "right answer" to turn in.

It feels like #Secret Hitler but instead of debating intentions by who had the power to pass a law, it is about ignorance in knowledge over the debate of a random trivia question. It is easy to fake stupid but not to fake smart here so the balance will be interesting.

Snakesss looks like a lightweight and easy one which this publisher does well. These are two things that have never been mixed together. The hook seems very interesting, now we will just have to see if those two things will properly blend. It is hard to go wrong with Phil as the designer.

The tagline is:

"Don't let them charm you into choosing the wrong answer"

Snakesss Box and Components

The game will be sold at Target and you can also check out more at the Publisher's site.

Publisher Page:

Story Link:

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3 months ago

I will give anything from Phil Walker-Harding a shot. My family can't get enough of #Sushi Go!

Owner3 months ago

Phil Walker-Harding is really doing well for himself! Sure seems like it'll be an eye-catcher on the board game aisle.

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