Old gamer but new to the elite gaming experience

So I have loved games my entire life, I do not remember a time when I wasn't wanting to either play a board game, card game or fire up the NES. However the next level of board gaming has always seemed out of reach to me. Its like that girl in high-school you always wanted to date but never got the courage to ask her out. And every now and then she would show up at a friends house, you would look her up and down, drool over the details...but in the end you knew you could never figure her out. But then years later after you have a little bit of life experience under your belt you run into her at the local mall. Now is your time, destiny awaits you. So you pick her up and bring her home. 

Yeah, thats been me with next level gaming. But here I am friends and foes! I have won the girl (or so I think) and I am ready to keep moving forward. 

I have started with D&D (because why not start with the granddaddy of them all) and now my wife and I are working new games into the mix. We just brought home Caverna: Cave Vs. Cave, Disney Villainous, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Friday and Lord of the Rings: The card game. 

I am super stoked to learn more and get into these games and I am glad that I found this website to help with my new addiction. 

If anyone has any recommendations or resources for a husband and wife new to the realm of board games please drop a line and let me know. 

We really like a wide variety of games between the two of us. We have played Betrayal before and loved it. We are VERY into fantasy and like dungeon crawler games but also are open to new types of game play. We have never played with deck building games but are curious about them for sure. 

Thank you! keep on rolling! 

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Supporter13 months ago

Hey, welcome ! Dropped by to say #Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a great two player game (also solo) ! Just a heads up that if you only have the core set, the third quest in there is very hard.There are a few heroes in the core set though, so lots of replayability to see which play style you like better. If you do get into it, there's lots of great expansions for the game. I recently got #The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - The Voice of Isengard Deluxe Expansion and i'm really liking the quests in there.

13 months ago

Glad to hear it is a great game. I love LOTR so I am sure this will be a lot of fun for me. I will look into the expansion as well. Thanks 

Supporter13 months ago

Hey, welcome.

If you have been playing games all your life, It might be a little helpful to have a idea on what sort of games you like(d) and what sort of themes you are interested in.

Without having a better idea of what sorts of resources you are looking for it is hard for me to recomend any specific resources, but I do have some advice.

If you have questions, just ask them. The boardgaming community, in general, is pretty friendly. And the folks here on BGA form one of, if the the, friendliest groups I have ever encountered on the internet.

Again, I have no real idea how much of this stuff you know, but here is a fairly helpful guide for common gaming terms https://boardgamesquad.com/board-game-glossary/. You don't need to try to learn these terms. But, having this list would have saved me a lot of googling when I was newer in the hobby.

One personal tip. I don't know how much you and your wife like the same sorts of games. But, through painful experience I have discovered that just because the game sounds super cool to one of you doesn't mean that the other of you has any interest in playing it. If I buy a game for me, I buy a game I can solo. If I buy a game for us, I have found it works much better to pick my 3rd or 4th choice, if that is what she will play, rather than buy something that I think I can convert her to.

Again, welcome to the community here. And, I love to see "old gamers" joining the community. I am sure those of us, like myself, who are whippersnappers can learn a lot from you.

Supporter13 months ago

Also, something I just thought of. In regards to BGA @philryuh wrote this super helpful guide in how to use BGA. I thought you might want to read it so that you can hopefully get more out of this fine site.


13 months ago

Thank you for the support and welcome! 

We have always love fantasy games and being new to D&D at the moment we are having a blast. I am lucky as we really share a lot of the same interests (perhaps after 15 years we are just becoming one). 

Really we are fairly open to new game ideas as we are new and not for sure what we are going to get into the most yet. It has been few and far between when we picked up a new game and didn't at least have fun trying it. 

Thank you for the links and the info. I really appreciate everyone being so cool here! 

Supporter13 months ago

You are welcome. Again, best wishes as you explore the community of gaming.

13 months ago

OK, you've shown a tolerance for deeper games from the list you posted, and you said that you like dungeon crawlers — so now is the time for you to take on the reigning Mac Daddy. I'm talking Gloomhaven. If you can find your way through D&D and Descent, you're ready for Gloomhaven. It's the best there is. Works beautifully with two players, plus you can seamlessly add one or two guest (or permanent) players later.

13 months ago


I've basically doubled my "Please please honey" list by clicking on every forum link I fancy and reading up on things. It's fun. 

Thinking of fun, I feel like someone should link #Everdell and #Everdell: Pearlbrook to tempt y'all. 

Owner13 months ago

Great to have you here! It's always fun to talk with others who share the same interests, and I look forward to hearing how your sessions go for those new games so that we can give you tons more to explore haha. We definitely won't be the most positive influence on your wallet though.. :D

13 months ago

Oh my wallet has been shrinking daily since I started deep diving into the vast world of board games haha 

Partner13 months ago

Welcome Ruble! Caverna: Cave vs Cave is an excellent game. When you give those games a try and tell us what you liked and didn't like about them, we'll be able to point you towards other games you might like. 

13 months ago

That's great! Thank you. I have played Betrayal once and really enjoyed it. The only issue is we had to bend the rules a bit due to the fact there was only two of us. But it worked out fine and we really loved the mystery and excitement of it! Most of the games we are playing right now are two player because my wife is a nurse at the hospital and with everything going on, we keep to ourselves as much as possible.