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Can we link to a game on this site using the boardgamegeek id?


 thought this site used to do that but I can't find any info in the api or forums

something like

to map to Die Macher?  

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4 months ago

too bad.  especially given you guys must be doing it internally to be able to "bgg import" folks collection data... well no loss to me, I'm an unpaid not for profit

4 months ago

What is it that you do in an unpaid, not for profit fashion?


Comment deleted.

4 months ago

Just trying to give you guys some refering from the OLWLG...

Maybe it was another site but I thought it was this one that recognized BGG game id's and would redirect

Owner4 months ago

No, we don't have that on this site.

Owner4 months ago

We have our own database of games you can link to in posts. Just use the # and start typing the name of a game an it will autocomplete with suggestions.