Monks: Triggering vs. Activating (Clarification)

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I just wanted to put this in here as it's probably THE most common mistake you can make when first learning Heaven & Ale. Triggering Monks, vs. Activating them.

First the overview:

When you TRIGGER A MONK: Activate all the surrounding tiles and receive their benefit
When you ACTIVATE A MONK: Only move your brewmaster up one space

Now more clarifying detail:

A monk is ONLY TRIGGERED when placing the purple scoring disc on that monk type. At that time you ACTIVATE all the tiles around the monks of that type and receive their benefit (either cash on the shady side or moving resource markers up on the sunny side).

A monk can be ACTIVATED either when a shed is constructed and you choose to activate the monk adjacent to the shed tile OR when a monk is adjacent to a monk that has been triggered. Again...the ACTIVATED monk does not do anything with the tiles adjacent to it (you do not receive any benefit from them), but instead you just move the brewmaster up one space for the ACTIVATED monk.

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Premium User17 months ago

I’ve only played once so far but yeah this was a definite sticking point. Thanks for this.

17 months ago

You're welcome! I wish there was a spot in the rulebook that spelled this out. It's there...but it's kind of an aside...and even then it's not super clear.

Partner17 months ago

Oh shoot. We know this but forgot it on our last play. Thanks for the reminder!

17 months ago

It's so easy to miss this! And it's a key distinction otherwise if you played your monks right you could create a HUGE chain multiple times through sheds or scoring discs making the monks pretty much the clear path to victory.

Premium User16 months ago

One of the reasons this game is so high on my favorites list the delicate balance between money, triggers, and resources.  Even moving the brewmaster up one space can be incredibly great!

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