Root Faction Discussion


I thought this was a fun discussion from the website Chits & Giggles.

I don't agree with it all (I'll post some comments later), but it's still fun.  I like their focus on the theme of the faction.  They haven't done either of the new factions.

What do you think?

Root Faction Discussion

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Supporter5 months ago

Looking forward to reading this article. Thanks for sharing Scott. 

Owner5 months ago

This person sounds like someone who should work with Cole Wehrle! I've only read through the description on WA so far and it's an interesting read.

Supporter5 months ago

I think he is far too hard of the Lizard Cult.  I've played them a lot, and played with them even more on TTS.  They are always in the running to win.  You just need to play them right.  Seems like the author hasn't figured out how to play them well and so he doesn't like them.  Which is fine, but I disagree with his premise that the faction is "flawed".

He says that Cole doesn't want to restructure the Lizard Cult because he is pleased with the results, and I think most players are as well.

5 months ago

Gonna be playing a 3 player co-op of Root this Friday.  I always struggle to pick a faction for co-op.  I love the Lizards and Otters, but playing co-op is tough with them

Supporter5 months ago

Yeah, the Riverfolk are really hard if you aren't playing with a few people.  I won't play them solo because I think they'd be 0 fun in that instance.

I think I played Lizards coop but it's still poses some serious challenges.

Good luck!  Let us know how it goes.

5 months ago

Having not played the game I can't comment on the accuracy of the descriptions, but it is a fascinating read, I love the focus on narrative and meaningful options. How a game makes you feel when playing it is always something I try to get an idea of before I buy a game.

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