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Gloomhaven Giveaway

I know there is a dedicated giveaways tab but not sure how many people look there so I figured I'd post it here too. Seems like a big game that many people would like a shot at. Good luck if you enter.

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25 days ago

Thanks for the heads up

Premium User25 days ago

Thanks for the heads up! If only I thought I would be able to get this to the table ever lol

25 days ago

Settle for getting it sold and bringing something else to the table instead 

Premium User24 days ago

That's an idea! I never have any luck selling games...although I feel like with Gloomhaven people would be willing to buy it for cheap

Supporter25 days ago

Thanks for looking out for the rest of us. 

Premium User25 days ago

I know a couple folks whom I gift this to if I won :)

25 days ago

Haha would be a nice gift to recieve 

25 days ago

Thanks for the post, dont think I'd win with that many entries but here's hoping

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