BGA Feature #46 Improved play log input


I've updated the play log input system to more easily log things you'd likely care about like the number of players, their names, location, and the scores.

I've made some slight user experience improvements to make that easier and I've also added in a system that shows you your previously logged names of players and locations if you've put that in before!

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6 months ago

Oh nice, the previously logged players and locations are very helpful! Great work!

Supporter6 months ago

Yes indeed, I had a bunch of duplicates where some were capitalized and some had a space after. This fixes that issue. 

6 months ago

Dude! I love this change. It's even clean! Thank you for a great update I didn't even know I wanted.

Supporter6 months ago

I like it, it's a big improvement. I have some feedback on the mobile side:

  • The two circular buttons for win/lose aren't aligned and that bugs me hahaha. Could you move them vertical as well just a tiny bit so that the lose button isn't as close to the dropdown for number of players? Either this or make this area similar to how it shows up on desktop without the big circular buttons.
  • The "previous players" is a nice touch, but I can't figure out how to do it on mobile. Mobile already has multiple empty rows, whereas desktop defaults to displaying only you as the player. For mobile, tapping on one of the "previous players" just adds another row way at bottom.
  • On the "Your Plays" page on mobile, the title at the top is too squished. The pie chart section also displays parameters that get covered by the chart.

Thanks Trent!

Supporter6 months ago

All issues have been addressed! Let me know if the changes aren't enough and I'll think about how to adjust further.

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