Asmodee's missing piece policy is truly absurd

This weekend, for the first time I tried to use the white player pieces in Catan Starfarers (previously we have always used blue, red and yellow) and discovered one of the trade stations is missing. We never checked because we bought this before Asmodee changed their missing policy to the affront to good customer service it is today.  I am well beyond any return windows, so that is not an option with the retailer I purchased from. I can state with 100% certainty that we did not lose the piece; it had to be missing from the start, because I am meticulous when unpacking a new game and triple check that nothing gets accidentally thrown away  (I also count every piece since I learned of  Asmodee's change of policy, but this game was before that). I wrote Catan Studios,.and Asmodee, told them what happened, and offered to buy the missing piece. They refuse to sell it to me because of their policy, even though they would send it to me if I had directly purchased the game from them. I understand them not sending it for free, but to refuse to sell me a replacemt piece is beyond absurd, it is a straight up middle finger to customers who have purchased their games, and is truly infuriating.

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6 days ago

Update: I contacted Amazon ( where I purchased the game in 2019) to see if they could do anything. They would not do a replacement because I bought the game almost two years ago, but they did give me a $20 credit to help with the cost of getting a replacement piece. That's FAR better customer service than Asmodee, because it's not Amazon's fault Asmodee mispacked the game.

I couldn't find the replacemt part in the white color anywhere currently online, but my son did find free stl files for Catan Starfarers (probably because there are a lot of others like myself with missing pieces that Asmodee won't help) and printed a white replacement piece that is pretty close to the others!

6 days ago

Not the reason I bought a 3D printer for myself for xmas last year but it sure is handy in these type of situations.

Premium User6 days ago

Wow, a $20 credit is great!

6 days ago

Yes I was pleasantly surprised, but Amazon customer service has always been good in my experience. I'm just glad we found an stl file, because I looked more after my son found the file, and there are few games for which you can find stl files for game pieces. I did find several I like for Scythe though, so my son is going to print those for me 🙂!

Premium User6 days ago

That's pretty cool!

Yeah I've had good experiences with Amazon. I once bought #Wingspan for a good price from Amazon when it was impossible to get, but then it immediately went to backorder before mine shipped. I ended up waiting for several weeks, and eventually I looked back at the Winspan listing and noticed it was in stock for a higher price than I paid. I called support, they instructed me to cancel my order and re-order it from the in-stock listing, and they refunded me the difference.

2 days ago

Another update: out of the blue, after telling me I couldn't even buy the part, Catan Studios sent me an email saying they were sending me the missing piece. Maybe some rebellion against Asmodee's policy? I'll update when I get the piece in the mail.

6 days ago

Ridiculous. Asmodee sucks.

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