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Hi everyone!  I think I have mentioned this in comments before when mentioned picking up the #Clans of Caledonia Metal Coins.

I'm thinking of it again because I just swapped out the cardboard coins in my #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) with the metal coins that come with #Raiders of the North Sea.  Even though there are 4 fewer metal coins since I will mostly play Pax at 3-4 players (instead of the full 5) I don't think the 4 less will be a problem.

I'm also considering at some point picking up the Scythe Metal Coins... the purpose would be that I could use those coins for Clans of Caledonia, Scythe, and Viticulture.

My question for you is, would you ever use components from one game for another game if it would work.  I think using Scythe coins for multiple games will be perfect from a perspective of having enough.  Obviously the art won't match the game necessarily.  However, I think having the feeling of metal would superscede the art.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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36 days ago

As it's the example seemingly most discussed in the comments so far I thought I'd chime in with my comments.

I've got the metal Scythe coins (even bought the different colour 10s and the 2s) and I've used them in many, many games now.

I don't own Scythe.

Supporter36 days ago

Well I'd say that's a strong endorsement for my plan.  I think it's gonna be part of my wishlist.  Thanks for your insite!

38 days ago

I was trying to find a set of metal coins that I could use in all/most games.  I haven't actually put much effort into trying to do this but I was thinking it would be nice.  I thought I heard someone said that it was cheaper just to get foreign currency instead of buying pretend metal coins so I looked into that for a bit.  Didn't come up with much outside of ebay where it was mostly bulk lots of coins. 

Supporter38 days ago

I thought about this, but I dunno, I guess if you just used change you could do that?  But my thinking is that the Scythe coins are about $30 but can be used across multiple games...

36 days ago

Yeah I considered the Scythe coins too.  Or the Viticulture ones since we play that way more often.  It definitely would work for many games other than just those.  Regular change though seems kind of... pedantic?  I don't know if that's the right word exactly, but doesn't exactly provide you with the cool, other-setting type of thing that you might be going for.  Plus dimes are lame and tiny haha. 

Supporter36 days ago

Yeah, I think the idea was using Euro's instead.  But I agree I think game accessory metal coins are a bit weighter and feel better at the table.

38 days ago

Folks who play a lot of 18xx games tend to have a nice set of poker chips that they use for all of them.

I have a couple of sets of these that I use to replace paper money in games like #Chicago Express, #Stockpile, #Long Shot, etc.

Supporter38 days ago

This is cool.  My biggest draw to the Scythe coins is there are a lot of them in different amounts.  Since so many of my games use multiple coin amounts I thought it would mix and match well.

I only have 2 games right now that just have single coins and those are the coins I've switched out already.

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