World of tanks in about 3 minutes


Today's recap is the upcoming World of tanks miniatures game. The simple, expandable tank skirmish game from gale force 9 and world of tanks. This game does for historic wargaming what x-wing did for sci-fi wargaming.

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57 days ago

After playing X-Wing, I quickly learned that these types of games are not for me. I have respect for the design of the games, and I like the miniatures, but calculating line of sight is just not something I ever want to do in a game :/

At least I learned before sinking a lot of money into it.

which wargames do you play most often?

57 days ago

These days, i dont play that many due to the channel and havign to play a wider assortment of games. But I was a competitive warmachine player for years in miniature wargaming, and the COIN series is my fav wargame board game series. I've been involved in a 4 year long project around COIN games that will become public soon

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