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Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game Review - Game Cows

Star Wars: Rebellion is an area control wargame in which the Galactic Empire must hunt down and destroy the Rebel Base....

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4 months ago

Nice review, it is for sure on my 'to play' list. I have heard people are less than keen on the combat system, especially without the expansion, how did you find it?

4 months ago

vanilla combat is "ok"-"meh"-"bland" 
Expansion combat is a bit more tactical, more elegant, less do this-cancel that.

When I recommend the game, I strongly suggest to buy the expansion too to make it go from "pretty good" to "awyeah!"

4 months ago

Would you recommend people to play their first game with the expansion or play the base game first and then add in the expansion to up the fun?

4 months ago

most people will say: learn base first then go for expansion. 
I'd go for expansion right away.

4 months ago

Good to know, thanks!

Premium User4 months ago

There's been a lot of talk this week on the forum about this one. Seems like a must for any Star Wars fans

4 months ago

I'm partly responsible for that. Yes, a must for SW fans. :)

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