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Wrote a review. Does not show up.

I wrote a long review of beyond the sun, but it does not show up. I also see no way to edit my plays, as in removing plays that did not happen. 

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58 days ago

Lol I thought you wrote "it did not hold up" for a second.

Owner49 days ago

I thought that I had fixed this before. I'll take a look tomorrow. Thanks!

Owner54 days ago

It's now working! Thanks for reporting the issue.

58 days ago

If I look under 'beyond the sun', it shows zero reviews amd zero ratings. I reviewed and rated it, andthere is still nothing there. 

Owner58 days ago

I can see it on your list of reviews here so I'll see why it doesn't show on the game page.

Premium User58 days ago

I'll second this.  I wrote reviews for #Zona: The Secret of Chernobyl and #Big Trouble In Little China just recently and neither were in the list.  I mean, I didn't expect them to be that popular but at least show up for a bit. :)

Owner58 days ago

When you say that it didn't show up, we're you expecting to see it in a spot other than the "Top Forum Posts" section on Zona's game page? 

Premium User58 days ago

Yeah, perhaps under new forum entries or something.   It doesn't show up anywhere on the front page at all so it's basically lost in the void unless someone goes to that specific game.

I'd expect it to show up somewhere on the front page even briefly.

Edited to add: It takes quite a lot more work to do a full review or write up.  It might be nice for them to have their own list on the front page. 

From a purely selfish perspective, considering a comment like "ok" get one entry and an article that takes an hour or two to write also gets one entry it would be nice to have it at least have a chance to get some more discussion.

Partner58 days ago

You may already know, but to get a list of new threads (not comments), you can go to Forum in the top menu and then New.

Premium User58 days ago

You are correct.  I think though the stream of comments is usually pretty fast so anything you post rapidly falls off the list.However, I don't want to turn this in to too big of a thing.  I think it would be nice to figure out some way to get a bit more exposure for the longer articles but I'm not super worreid about it.

On the other hand, for the health of the site there might be people who ARE wanting to write lots of articles who might be put off by the current method.

Owner58 days ago

Is the section you're expecting it to show up on different from this?

That's in the forum section of Zona's game page

Premium User58 days ago

Yes, it would be nice to have it show up on the front page for a bit.  I see it shows up under User Activity Feed but it quickly gets buried there.  

It takes quite a lot more work to do a full review or write up.  From a purely selfish perspective, considering a comment like "ok" get one entry and an article that takes an hour or two to write also gets one entry it would be nice to have it at least have a chance to get some more discussion.  

I'd suggest perhaps articles have their own list on the front page or perhaps a separate listing under forums?


Owner58 days ago

I see, as you probably could tell already user written articles are treated as regular posts, which will show up on the front page forum section, feed, main forum page, and on the game page forum section.

We used to have a dedicated page for user written articles but we ended up taking it down for several reasons: (1) only 2-3 users ever wrote articles and it was either not up to quality as you'd expect from an "article" like yours, or (2) mostly used for directing traffic elsewhere. That last part we're completely fine with, and welcome it through regular link posts, but the article feature was getting used for a different purpose (which we can have rules set up to circumvent the problem, but the main reason we took it down was because of the lack of traction--no users using it, no users clicking onto the page).

As for the giveaways, the main reason I treat it as equal contribution is because it limits opportunities for people to take advantage of it. It's hard to set a line in terms of when an article is of higher quality than a regular forum post, because you'd have to set up expectations in terms of minimum word count, purpose and quality of the article, formatting, etc. I agree that it can seem unfair, since you're clearly putting a lot of effort into your articles, but it's the times when some people won't that it'll still raise questions of fairness.

With that said, I agree with you. While posts/articles can always be hit or miss depending on the popularity of the game or how easy it is for users to engage with the writer, quality articles written up by users deserve more spotlight. That's one of the reasons why I have the ability to promote a user written article to the carousel on the front page, and I could get into a habit of doing that more regularly. But Trent and I will also see if there could be other ways to promote it on the front page or elsewhere. Keep in mind though, that one of the biggest element to the lack of discussion is that our website is still in the growing phase. Many of the active users try to engage when there's something they can relate with, but the fact is that we're still quite small and we need more people here to round out the community's experience with lots of different games.

Edit: Forgot to mention the most important thing. Thanks for the awesome articles! Your "storytelling" style made it super easy to understand what the feeling of the gameplay is like.

Premium User58 days ago

I didn't mean to come off too hard on the "one entry" thing.  I probably shouldn't have mentioned it because it's not really my objective.  So forget I mentioned that.

After all, I like writing the articles.  I think the quality is ok and I don't expect horns and fireworks when I post one up.  Too much pressure!

But it would be nice to know that a few more eyeballs are going to get a look at it before it goes off the "new post" list.  (Yeah, there is some selfishness and/or ego at play, hard to avoid it.)  I know I'm writing about niche games but I would like to give a chance for people who aren't already in to the niche to see the article so they can maybe start to love something I already enjoy.

On the other hand, when I posted up Maracaibo and Tawantinsuyu I had a lot more replies.  Probably because people are following those games as they are popular.  And I totally understand that popular posts and articles should be what's on the front page the most.  It's the thrust of the site after all.

I also get that if there aren't many articles or if they are low quality it's not worth them having their own section.  I certainly won't commit to writing a ton of articles.  Who knows when I'll feel like writing the next one?  

So in the end I think I am looking for maybe just a bit more of a chance for people to see an article but I have no idea what that looks like on board game atlas. 

LOL, not super helpful I know.

58 days ago

may be able to help you with the first thing.

As for editing plays, take a look at this screenshot. There are 2 buttons on the right side of the logged play.

58 days ago

you've introduced me to dark mode, thanks for that. much better.

58 days ago

dark mode is life