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Let's Welcome Our New Users!


Here are all of the users who joined in the last 7 days! Please give them a warm welcome :)

Thanks for joining and I hope you find something worthwhile either through the community discussions, our search engine, or our latest giveaways! Also, we're giving away more than $5000 worth of board games until the end of 2020, so make sure to contribute and get in as many entries as possible. We will announce the winners next week and start the next round of giveaways for out of print/rare games.

Lastly, for us to get to know you, it'd be great if you could take the time to answer any of these questions: 

  1. How did you find Board Game Atlas?
  2. How long have you been in the hobby?
  3. What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?


Again, a big thank you for coming on board and please feel free to give any feedback through a forum post or by giving me or  a direct message.

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2 months ago

thanks for the warm welcome!  Happy to join the community here, looking forward to getting involved.


1.  I believe I found the site through BGG or boardgameprices (don't exactly recall)

2.  I've been in the hobby for 2.5 years.  My wife is my gaming partner and not into heavy games or abstracts.  We have rare opportunities to play with more than 2, so my collection has focused on mid-weight games that play well with 2.

3.  "Favorite" is almost impossible to define since its contextual and regularly changes.  I'd say the games I'm most excited about playing at the moment are:

-#Everdell with#Everdell: Spirecrest

-#PARKS with#PARKS: Nightfall Expansion

-#DinoGenics with#DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos




Premium User2 months ago

Welcome! Your wife sounds a lot like my fiancée. She'll appease me by playing heavier stuff but doesn't much enjoy it. She really likes #PARKS and #Wingspan. Haven't heard of #DinoGenics, what do you like most about it?

2 months ago

Those are great games!  Looks like our tastes are similar based on your collection.

My wife particularly gravitates towards games with good artwork and theme, and Jurassic Park is a favorite movie of mine.  The Dino-park building in  #DinoGenics feels a lot more realistic than any other Dino board game on the market, and the game elements thematically all make sense.  The artwork, though a bit muted, feels more fitting with the theme.

 I particularly like that in#DinoGenics, each type of dinosaur has unique attributes that need to be considered.  

Premium User2 months ago

Huh that does sound pretty neat. I'll have to look into it more. How heavy is it? Must not be too heavy if your wife enjoys it based on your previous comment, but what would you say it's most similar to in terms of weight?

Owner2 months ago

You're welcome! Great to have you here.

There was a time when I got really interested in DinoGenics. I just didn't put it on my wishlist since I had so many other games I wanted to get first. Would you say that it's one of your favorite worker placement games then? How "essential" is the expansion?

2 months ago

At the moment, yes it is one of my favorite worker placements, though I am biased because I love Jurassic Park.  But I can see this game staying permanently in my collection.

the #DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos expansion is a requirement in my opinion; I would not play without it.  Due to the set collecting aspect of dinosaur creation and the randomness of starting hands + the market, there is too much unmitigated luck in the#DinoGenics base game, which can feel frustrating and also makes a "runaway leader" possible.  However, the #DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos expansion gives players opportunities to obtain "wild cards", as well as obtaining alternate scoring conditions, which largely fixes those issues.  There's also a published variant called "corporate bailouts" which also helps to prevent a runaway leader.

Owner2 months ago

Thanks for the info! I like the theme and it just seems more fun to try and manage dinosaurs instead of running a peaceful farm haha. Will have to look more into this.

2 months ago

Agreed!  This does feel a little similar in some respects to #Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small Big Box (I haven't played the original Agricola but I'd imagine it's closer in gameplay to the original), but I vastly prefer the Dino theme... and it really feels like you're building and managing a park, trying to control the chaos of creating dinos!

I think#DinoGenics just wrapped a 2nd printing Kickstarter, but I think the publisher will be selling limited copies direct on their site next week... for anyone looking to pick up a copy, now is their chance :)  I'm watching to see if the corrupted T-Rex meeples and metal coins go on sale.

Premium User2 months ago

Wait T-Rex meeples too?! Okay I think I need this game lol.

2 months ago

Between the base and expansion, I count 14 different types of Dino meeples (including brontosaurus, triceratops, raptors, t-rex, and good old gallimimus) which come standard with the games.  There's a tons of quality components here to love, roughly 100 wooden Dino meeples in total (not including the wooden goat meeples).  The wooden fence pieces are also amazing.  

Premium User2 months ago

Lol but really though, I'll check it out! I'm putting a lot into you saying we have similar tastes (because I think we do too of course)

2 months ago

wow a lot of people like Everdell. I barely know about it

Supporter2 months ago

Everdell is incredible. Great game. 

2 months ago

good to know, I should check it out

2 months ago

We love Everdell in our house :)

2 months ago

Thanks for the warm welcome. 

As for the questions:

  1. How did you find Board Game Atlas?  

Found it via Face book ad and thought huh new site devoted to boardgaming?  I like boardgaming, why don't I take a look.

  1. How long have you been in the hobby?

I have been in the hobby about 9 years.  Interesting story is that Catan was the game that got me into the hobbie even though I did  not play the actual game till about 2017.  My wife and I went to a friends house for Monday night football and she statrting playing this"game" with someof the other people at the party. After about 4 hours I went looking for her and she was still playing it.  That peaked my interest in modern boardgaming.  Got the Catan Card game soon after as it was a better 2 player experiance.  Found Boardgame Geek and the rest is history.  So like a lot of people Catan got me into the hobbie but not in the same way as most.

  1. What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?

Man this is always so hard for me.  But I waould have to say Five Tribes, Agricola (personal fav), and Great Western Trail.  But these shift around with Scythe, Grand Austria Hotel, Paladins of the West Kingdom, and Terra Mystica quite a bit..  Also have way too many games on the Shelf of Shame that could vault into the top at any point. LOL

Premium User40 days ago

Only about a month late on the welcoming committee..oops lol

Just have been scanning the forums for all mentions of Agricola lol. I've been thinking about picking up Caverna because while we enjoyed our one and only play of Agricola, I could see it being too mean for us eventually. Do you have any experience with Caverna?

40 days ago

While I like Caverna fine, I played it once and thought to myself that is was a more BASIC version of a better game in Agricola. I perfer the card play in Agricola makes every game a little challenge in itself. I have to adapt my play to what cards I have. In Caverna all of the options are in front of you every game. Now you can change your strategy but I like the challenge of being forced to change my game based on the cards. Agricola can be mean especially at 2 players but, I don't mind it because it is not like I am attacking another person so there is no real ill will. Just my 2 cents (or maybe buck fifty beased on length ha ha)

Premium User40 days ago

I certainly appreciate the thoughts no matter how long the comment was!

I admit I don't remember too much of our play of Agricola to say for sure if I'd find this to be an issue but I generally speaking enjoy more strategies in games to make them play different every time. Is there by chance a variant to Agricola where you don't use the cards your first game? Cause I really don't remember them..but I have seen them mentioned online as changing up your game more than the set buildings Caverna provides...hmmm

40 days ago

Yes what they call the family game is without the cards. In my opinion without the cards Caverna is the better game by far. It can also make Agricola a lot harder in feeding your family. Those cards can really help you create that food engine.  They also just help give you some direction and variability in paths between the opponents.

Premium User40 days ago

Interesting...I'll have to do more research then it seems. Thanks for all your help!

2 months ago

Hi everyone. Thank you very much for accepting me as a member.

1) I found Board Game Atlas through Google while I was looking for an alternative to BGG.

2)I am 49 years old and I've been board gaming since the age of 6, so quite long. I had a hiatus od about 10 years between the mid 90s and the mid 2000s, but then I returned with a vengeance.

3) Although it's incredibly tough to narrow it down to only three games, my current top three favourites would be Dominant Species, Twilight Struggle and Terra Mystica.

Premium User2 months ago

Welcome! If it's not too personal to share, what caused your hiatus?

I've been wanting to try something like #Terra Mystica. You prefer it over #Gaia Project?

2 months ago

Not at all, I simply didn't have anyone to play with. Here in Serbia, we only started seeing board game clubs in the early naughties.

As for TM vs. GP, I think Gaia is the better game, but with all the attention TM is getting - the Merchants expansion and the new spin-off, I think TM is growing beyond its initial limitations.

If you're interested, I made a pre-production review of Gaia comparing it to Terra, pointing out the main differences:

Premium User2 months ago

Hey I just got a chance to watch your video tonight. Do you make videos like that often? You're quite good at it! After some more research and the help of your video, I don't think Gaia Project would be for me. I'd love to try it some day and to be proven wrong but I think my head would explode hahaha

2 months ago

Thanks for your kind words. This video review was my only one. I set myself a challenge to see if I could do it. It was hard work but in the end it was worth it.

I understand you completely. Not everyone enjoys the same types of games, but as you said, perhaps if you tried it, you might actually enjoy it. It's basically Terra Mystica with enough twists to make it a game in its own right.