Group Game Design Phase 3: Necessary Components

Game Design
Dice(1 vote) 20%
No Dice(0 votes) 0%
Dials(0 votes) 0%
Modular Board(4 votes) 80%

5 votes

I was about to make the post for us to bring everything together, but I think we need one more thing: components. And not just what we must have, but what we'd rather leave out as well. The poll has four suggestions. As usual, comment below with other suggestions on must-have components.


Also pick at least one thing you most definitely do not want in the game (and that could include any of the options in the poll--we'll just subtract those). So if you want combat but no dice, let us know! We'll make anything work (right?). 

To recap, here's what we have from the previous polls:

Theme: Science Fiction

Sub-theme (optional I guess?): Roman Empite

Main Mechanic: Area control

Lesser Mechanics Drafting

We can continue to discuss narrative in that thread (  and brainstorm ideas. Ask questions, give suggestions, and let your imagination run rampant! We're all in this together, as they say in high school.

This will most likely be the last poll before we put everything together, so get your votes in! I have no idea how this will turn out, but it's been a fun adventure so far, so I'm excited to see what our collective brains can come up with.

EDIT: I just realized I have both "Dice" and "No Dice" in the poll, so there you go. haha

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Supporter13 months ago

This question is harder to answer because I don’t really know what game we are making any more. If it’s a space game though it should have a randomized modular board because exploring space should always be interesting and exciting. 

13 months ago

Things have gotten a bit murky, I'll admit. I think if I do this again, I'll need to be better organized. But, it was a fun trial :) I agree with the modular board. I love games with an exploration aspect to them, especially if we're moving  a ship place to place.

Supporter13 months ago

Man, I really don't mind if there are dice, but I would rather not have them rolled for game changing results. I'm thinking more along the lines of showing stats, or health, or....??? For instance maybe you could have dice in various areas of your ships, and turn the dice down as damage gets inflicted, or back up as you repair it. 

I really like multi-use cards. Not sure how to implement them, it depends what the cards get used far. But if they are a combination of move/attack you could turn it sideways for a weak wild, sorta like mage knight? 

As for what I don't want. I really, really, don't want timers. I want it to be more about strategy and less about speed.

13 months ago

My initial thought was card-based attacking rather than dice. Still haven't thought about how to work it, but it seems like we have that in common.

Supporter13 months ago

Yeah. Not sure either how to implement that. I was think of sort of a blind bidding mechanics like they have in Scythe, where your choice of how much force you apply in this battle is your secret choice. You could pretty easily use that with cards and then put the cards back on a market where you can go to regain it. 

I also thought about personal  attack/defense/movement value cards on a river. You can grab any cards you want/need on your river. The one farthest downstream is free. But the farther up you go the more the cards cost in tech, or...? If one would do that there would be a fair bit of planning on how you want to structure your river so that your high attack point cards are there when you are subjugating a planet, and so that you have enough movement before your attack to get to the planet you want to subjugate. 

Owner13 months ago

Timers stress me out a lot too. I've liked multi-use cards in couple of games when done well. Especially if it's intuitive in regards to graphic design.

Supporter13 months ago

I think multi use cards are my single favorite component. 

Owner13 months ago

So when is the Kickstarter launch date?

13 months ago

Next week, so best get cracking! Haha

Owner13 months ago

I don't mind as long as you handle the fulfillment side of things and responding to backers haha

13 months ago

Sure, why not. I'm good at pretending like I know what I'm talking about. 

Supporter13 months ago


Supporter13 months ago