Thinkers or Jarls? – 2 Great Upcoming September Board Games

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Today we’d like to tell you about 2 Kickstarter board game projects, that we got our hands on recently. Both look quite ambitious and are coming in September.

Philosophia – September 10th

Philosophia, just like the name implies, deals with Greek thinkers and the spirit of the ancient era. Philosophia is an eurogame at heart but puts lots of work into making the setting atmospheric and providing some unique solutions.

The goal of the game may sound simple. Collect 3 Labyrinth Tokens before the Romans arrive and destroy your precious civilization. All players who get their hands on these precious tokens get to take a part in the final, endgame debate. Each will have to show his ideas and that he’s the greatest thinker to grace the ancient era.


BenjaminK 4 months ago | 1 point[-]

Philosophia looks cool, but the theme for Valhal is more up my alley :) That said, I'd certainly love to play Philosophia as well. I love the bust tokens.

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