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What do you think about having an FAQ section on our game pages? As someone who frequently visits r/boardgames and the Facebook groups to see the latest news in the industry, I often see the same questions being asked for certain board games. So I thought it'd be great if we curated those questions and answered them on our game pages. And it won't have to provide the full answer, but at least point people toward the right direction/forum post that answers it.

For example:

#Brass: Birmingham's FAQ section would have questions such as

It would have to be mostly objective, with a mixture of subjective opinions based on the most common answers I've read around the different communities. And if there's a forum post that best answers the question, that I could link to that.

Common types of questions I can think of are:

  • Is this game good for 2 players?
  • Is this game good for couples?
  • How hard is it to learn this game for new gamers?
  • What's the difference between "game 1" and "game 2"? (e.g. Lancashire vs. Birmingham, Jaws of the Lion vs. Gloomhaven, etc)
  • is this a legacy game?
  • Does "X" come with the game? (e.g. Iron Clays)
  • What's the difference between the Kickstarter edition?

Do you think you would find this sort of section useful? What are some other common queries you can think of?

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13 days ago

Is there a way to report when the wrong data has been scraped? For example Roll For The Galaxy shows up as a bargain deal, but it's because it's linking to the wrong game on the affiliate page. There a quite a few like this.

Owner12 days ago

Thanks! You can open the Toolbox on a game page and click on "Report Issue"

You can access the Toolbox by clicking on the three dots next to the "Add to List" button on the black banner containing the game's basic info, or by clicking on "More" on the row of tabs.

Supporter13 days ago

I like the sound of this. Continuing to push BGA up as a resource and pushes it further past BGG. 

14 days ago

I think this is a cool idea but I think some of these things would be better included in game data?  Sort of like what said about the best player count poll.  Maybe they could be questions that people can answer when they review a game sort of like how we answer generic questions when we review a restaurant.  They ask things like "Is this place good for couples/groups/kids?" "Do they have vegan options?" etc.  In addition to the review, or after posting, there could be a short survey with questions like:

  • Best player count
  • Is this game good for 2p?
  • How hard is this game to learn?

Random: what's the difference between couples and 2p? 

Owner14 days ago

2p vs. couples - They're both common queries I see around reddit, BGG, facebook, etc. The former is usually in the context of how well a game scales at 2p count (map closes off certain areas to make it tighter, the core interaction/feel of gameplay is maintained, etc), whereas the latter is often in the context of "is this a good game for a date night" or related to how competitive or mean the game can be.

And I agree! Many of those would be great to include as part of leaving your review.

Premium User14 days ago

I think a while back I suggested a "meanness" or "type/level of interaction" poll for game pages, which would serve to differentiate between a game that just scales well to 2 players and a game that is good for a "date night."

The dynamics of each couple are different, so the "good for couples" measure is subjective, where one couple might actually enjoy direct conflict in games and could actually look for a game with a higher "meanness" rating. Having "good at 2 players" and "type of interaction" split out is a better way to actually gauge it for individual couples, in my opinion.

14 days ago

Yeah I was thinking that too.  What is good for one couple might be totally different for another.  Kind of like how there are lots of "how do I get my wife to play boardgames with me?" posts on BGG whereas I need the opposite advice haha. 

Owner12 days ago

Yes, definitely :)

It's highly dependent on the couple's dynamic, so I don't know how useful of an info that would be. If anything, it would have an indicator of the type of interaction the game would involve so that it leaves it to your discretion.

Supporter14 days ago

I do love this idea....

Premium User14 days ago

I love the idea! How would these FAQs be populated? You mentioned curating them, but does that mean they're completely written by a site admin? Submitted by users and approved by an admin? Some other method?

Some ideas:

  • If they're populated by users in some way, it might be useful to include some top rue FAQs.
  • Maybe some of the FAQs can be custom mini-polls in themselves that users can answer? e.g.: "Is this good for couples?" 73% say yes
    • Some of those player count questions can be answered by adding in a "best player count" poll :D
  • Questions about setup & teardown time/ease
  • Does the base game box fit XYZ expansion?
  • Does the insert work if you sleeve your cards?

Owner14 days ago

Awesome, thanks for the input

The idea is that it would be written by a site admin. This could change in the future, but we'll start with this for now. But I do agree that having user contributions would be especially helpful for putting together a list of rules related FAQ's. I appreciate having one dedicated section that addresses common questions instead of needing to search for them on google.

I've also thought about having a poll to address questions like "is this good for couples"! And in addition to that, I'd like at least some text describing the reason. I'll always love having additional polls on game pages to develop community metrics :D

Ease of setup & teardown sounds like it could be another mini poll, what do you think?

Hahaha sleeving and fitting expansions into the base game box. Both are very common questions as well, I like it!

Premium User14 days ago

Ease of setup and teardown does sound like a mini-poll that should be on every game page!

Premium User14 days ago

I love this idea!  There are lots of times I have a question about a game and an FAQ section would be great.

Premium User14 days ago

I am debating on this one. If it’s driven by admins that seems like a LOT of work. 

As an alternative, what about having users submit questions and then allowing other users subscribed to the game answer them?  Sort of like how amazon does it?  Perhaps with a “usefulness” rating or something so the best answer rises to the top?

With the questions and answers being in their own section it would be easy to review past questions.

Of course,that is a lot more programming so maybe save it for the future if you like the idea. 

Owner12 days ago

We'll have to see! I'll start filling out the important pages and testing its usefulness. Depending on how much of a priority it becomes, we'll find ways to get more community help.

14 days ago

I agree with and found myself often having questions about a game and not able to find it elsewhere like BGG (too many threads at times or just not the question I'm looking for).


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