My 5 cheapest wishlist games.


This is a list of five games that are pretty cheap, and they live on my wishlist. It is truly embarressing to consider how long most, or all, of these have been on my wishlist. They are cheap* enough that I should have picked some of them up by now. I list them in no particular order. And, I will list the prices.**

  • #Friday. Super small cheap solo only game. It is often available for $10-15.
  • #Hanamikoji / #Jixia Academy. These are two player only games, they are the same game but have slightly different games. They are generally availabe for $15-22.50.
  • #The Fox in the Forest. Two player, trick taking, cooperative game. generally available for $10-15
  • #Jaipur. Two player only, beautiful game, and looks quite good. Usually costs $20-25.
  • #Arboretum. 2-4 players. Looks super tight, light rules set, looks like good month, it's beautiful. Can generally be found for $15ish.

So, do you have cheap games on your list, or are they all expensive out of reach games?

*Of course, what is cheap will vary from person to person. For a table game I was saying anything under $25.

** The prices are in USD, and reflect what I observe to be general trends, they may or may not be available right now for those prices.



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Premium User9 months ago

Friday isn't bad. I played it maybe a dozen times, and it was really my first solo game. I like #Unbroken much better for a bit more money.

Jaipur is a great game. As is Arboretum. I highly suggest you don't buy the deluxe Arboretum. The shine on the cards is so intense that it takes away from the beauty and readability of the game.

Premium User9 months ago

There's no need to feel guilty about not buying a game.  A wishlist doesn't necessarily mean you buy it immediately.  For me it's more of a "keep an eye on this one" list.  Things go on and off it all the time.

Out of your games I've played Jaipur and Arboretum.  I like Jaipur a lot but I don't get to play two player much so I just use the app.  If I was going to buy one it would be Arboretum.  I like the gameplay and aesthetics.  Being more than 2 player is a huge advantage for me too.

Supporter9 months ago

Well I only have 8 games on my wishlist and most of them are $50+ (with the exception of #Scythe: Modular Board and #Dune

Premium User9 months ago

Ha, I actually bought #2, 3, and 4 from your list. My favorite is probably #Jaipur. It's such a simple game but the strategy is very fun.

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