Finally Got to Play Quacks


I've been eyeing on this because I often enjoy a healthy dose of push your luck elements and it also seemed like a great game to play with my wife.

Ended up in second place after busting for the first time on the last round (oh well lol). Overall, it's a fantastic game that comes with simple yet heart-wrenching decisions, lovely art/theme, multiple paths in strategy, memorable moments, and quick gameplay. It left me thinking about different strategies I should try for next time, so that's always a great sign.

Oh and there's a BIG catch-up mechanic that can swing the game quite quickly. I think I'll have mixed feelings on this depending on which side I fall under, but overall, I like having that balancer and it's lighthearted/short enough that having one bad round won't be a big deal for most people.

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Supporter12 months ago

I think my kids would really enjoy playing this one. Seems super fun and has a unique theme. 

12 months ago

Yes!! I am happy you got to try it out! I love that each ingredient has 4 variants so there is plenty of replayability, plus there is the back side of the cauldron (still havent played it yet though). 

My biggest recommendation if this is staying in your collection, you have to get little containers for the ingredients! I found a 4-pack of plastic containers at Dollar Tree and they make the game so much more bearable!

Owner12 months ago

I certainly enjoyed it :)

Container idea sounds good! Oh and have you gotten the geek bits? If I were to get this game then I feel like I'd lean towards getting them even though they are quite pricy.

One more thing--is there a color that you especially like to go for or do you like to mix it up a lot every time?

12 months ago

Im happy to hear it was a positive experience!

I have not gotten the geek bits, it hurts to think that I could spend the same amount on the bits as the game itself! Also I dont think they have the expansion bits available yet and I am hoping to get the expansion for Christmas!

It does depend on what variant we are on. For the level 1 variant, the crow skulls are very powerful, I am also partial to the toad stools and pumpkin combo. I love hitting a 7 toad stool combo! Each variant has its strengths and weaknesses though. 

Owner12 months ago

They sure are expensive... :(

I'd love to get my own copy for Quacks (and I'm pretty sure my wife will enjoy it too). The winner from last night also went for the toad stool combo, while I went for a mix of the crow skulls and the purple ones. The winner benefited immensely in one of the last rounds because he had 5? 10? rat tails and the card for the round doubled that amount. I might have been close to winning if I hadn't exploded for the first time on my last round too haha. Overall it was just a great lighthearted fun with a very smart but simple mechanic and theme

I'd really like to try out different strategies by going all in on one specific color for every play :)

12 months ago

But they would be so delightful!

That is where the fun comes in! The fortunes and the crazy stuff that happens on the last turn is so fun! Super fun theme too.

Definitely, I have tried going hard on one ingredient. I have learned though that it is valuable to diversify at some point though. 

Owner12 months ago

Our game was the first time the catch-up mechanic actually had a real effect on the end. Most of the time player in first just runs away with it still.

12 months ago

Almost every game I have played, the rat tails have kept most people in it, or at least made the top a more interesting race!

Owner12 months ago

Ahh I see, if that's the case, the catch-up mechanic seems even more appropriate. I had great expectations going into the game and it didn't let me down!

Supporter12 months ago

So, how does your wife like it? 

Owner12 months ago

I was playing this over at Trent's place with two other guys. Now that I've tried it, I'm looking forward to introducing it to my wife :)

Supporter12 months ago

Good luck. Hope she likes it. 

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