So I would love to get a TTS game night sometime.  The biggest problem I've found is us all living in different time zones.  I generally need to start later at night (around 10:00 PM MST).  But if anyone is interested hit me up.  I'd love to play with some people from this community.

I'd love to get into some #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) or #Root so let me know if you wanna try it out.

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Supporter36 days ago


Might I suggest joining these two Discord Servers for when/if we wanna play. 

Woodland Warriors Discord (Root)

Wehrlegig Games (Pax Pamir)

Phil, I've been trying to start a Pax game for a few nights but can usually only get one other player but I like to play with at least 3.  Let me know if your free at all this week.

36 days ago

I'd love to do this! I'm EDT though, so 10 PM MST is, well, late haha Saturdays might work though! If we can find a time that works, I am so down.

Supporter36 days ago

Timing across different time zones is tough.  Especially since I need to play so late because of family life right now.

36 days ago

I hear ya. That's my problem as well. :) 

38 days ago

Yes! Although same problem with time zones, (GMT for me, so 7 hours difference). However, if we could organise on a weekend it might be doable?

Supporter38 days ago

Maybe, let's see if we get any interest in this post.  Maybe sometime in the next few weekends.

37 days ago


38 days ago

I find TTS/Tabletopia maddening. Trying to play on them reminds me of The Andromeda Strain. :)

But I'd be up for some games on Yucata or Board Game Arena, or anything with a decent app (#Root, #Wingspan, #Terraforming Mars, #Twilight Struggle).

Supporter38 days ago

Ha!  That's funny because I feel the exact opposite.  I don't care much for apps or Board Game Arena.  Although I've not heard of Yucata before this comment.

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