Kickstarter Ending (4/12 - 4/19)

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Supporter18 months ago

Papillon looked liked the most interesting one when I was adding the games initially. It's got such a lovely theme.

Supporter18 months ago

Nothing for me on the list...

Supporter18 months ago

Just curious, what kind of games do you usually look out for?

Supporter18 months ago

Simple question, complicated answer.

The first factor is if I feel I need shopping therapy or not. If I do, I am much more willing to buy.

On board games, I look for deluxe versions with Kickstarter exclusive content. If I can get the same game at retail (and usually cheaper) later, I typically won't back it. I also lean towards euros. Major player conflict games typically won't see play in our house. I also don't usually like co-ops (a whole different discussion).

On the RPG side, I have been buying 5e content for easy campaign creation. NPC's, cities, and adventure hooks. Dwarven Forge campaigns, and may pick up other terrain here or there. That has dropped off as I am printing more

On the 3d printing side I am getting more picky. I have years of stuff to print. Now I am just looking for unique pieces that fill in parts of my collection.

Probably more than you wanted to know... :)