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Scythe: Encounters Expansion (Deal of the Day) - Game Nerdz

Premium User

This is a great deal! 

If you play #Scythe I think this might be the single best expansion for the game.  It is quite simply more encounter cards but these encounters differ a goodly amount from the base game encounters.  I have even removed some of my base game encounters that I didn't find quite as engaging to play with.  

If you have Scythe and haven't gotten any expansions I highly recommend stuffing your stocking with this one.

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Supporter46 days ago

Man I want to get this. More variability is always great. 

46 days ago

hm I dunno, $10 just for a pack of cards? I really like Scythe, but I'm not sure I care enough to spend ten bucks on some cards

Premium User46 days ago

Well, a pack of #Magic: The Gathering cards (15 cards) costs about $7.  This is 50 cards, larger than Magic cards, nice quality, and adds a nice bit to the game.  I think a #Marvel Champions: The Card Game hero packs is about 30 cards for $14-18.  

These generally run for $20 

46 days ago

Note - they are now out of stock

Premium User46 days ago

I have these and enjoy them but one thing to note is that some of them can be more extreme than the base game cards.  The right card for the right person with the right faction can be quite powerful.

Premium User46 days ago

Agreed. With experienced players in a highly competitive environment I'd whittle out some cards or devise a voting system for players to eliminate options and let each encounter to allow the player to draw two cards to offset the voted eliminations.

That's WAY more complicated than our group needs. We aren't that competative

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