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7 explorer cardboard figures


I might be late to the party but hey it's worth a try...

I happened to come by a replacement copy of 7th continent the other day 😃 Now I'm trying to get the last bits and pieces in place (Dividers, Rulebook, Player Aids and so on) so I can start playing this game with my group. We are hyped ðŸĪŠ

The problem is that I've been trying to find decent images of the 7 explorer cardboard figures (or the explorer tokens) so i can print the cardboard figures standees but no luck so far ðŸ˜Ē

So this is the point where i ask you kind internet stranger if you could scan the figures and share with me 🙏

Thanks in advance and happy gaming to you all 😃

(I apologise for any spelling and grammatical errors as English is not my main language)

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4 months ago

My bad! It should be 7 explorer cardboard figures 😂

4 months ago

You can edit the article title if you want, sadly I don't have the game but good luck!

4 months ago

You are right 😂 thanks 😊 

4 months ago

Haha, happy to help

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