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What is the most thematic game you’ve ever played?


All games have a theme, whether it's simply glued on or totally integral to the workings of the game. That said, what is the MOST thematic game you've ever played? Did you find that theme added to your experience? Or would you rather have played a game that has less theme so you can concentrate on strategy more?

For me the answer to this question is simple.#Star Wars: Rebellion. Definitely the most thematic board game I've ever played. Theme ties into so many mechanics in the game and literally drips into your table. As a player you get such a strong sense of character and immersion while playing. Definitely a wonderful, epic experience.

What's the most thematic game you've ever played?

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Supporter4 months ago

I am going to say #Fief: France 1429. It is a so so full of the intrigue, backstabbing, and "gunboat diplomacy" that I imagine going in noble families of the time.

4 months ago

For me it's #Dune and it's not really even close. If you're familiar with the source material, that game feels so thematic with all the unique faction abilities and whatnot.

After Dune it would probably be something like #Mansions of Madness: Second Edition. Not my style of game, but I can't argue that it is very thematic.

For my money, #Evolution: Climate is actually quite thematic - you just have to imagine all of these species evolutions and shifting climates taking place over a much longer period of time lol.

4 months ago

I agree with Rebellion 100%.  It's the most thematic Star Wars game as well.  

I also think that #Jaws and #Back to the Future: Back in Time are amazingly thematic and really immerse you in the theme.  Every character in Jaws plays a specific and pivitol role in the game, including the player that gets to play the shark.  It's a bit of a mind game, much like the movie, the shark tries to outthink the other players.  It's very cool.  Back to the Future, also does this through character and items and mechanics that all play a role in getting you back to the future.  Plus having a Delorian Tie machine mini never hirts any game.

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