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Nights Around a Table - How to Play Wingspan

The kids are in the driver's seat for this How to Play video. They hit a few telephone poles along the way.

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Owner8 months ago

Well they certainly got your tone and humor haha. Will this be a regular thing? (kinda reminds me of how Rahdo recently started having his own "interns")

8 months ago

Gosh, i hope not! It's my tone and humour because i originally wrote the script to read myself, but my wife Cheryl suggested the girls do it instead. That's why there are little girls telling bawdy jokes. The script was 3/4 finished, so the back quarter is written more for them. It was a real labour of love, this video. Hours of recording, and multiple sessions. And a few tears. Many of them mine. 

Also, just to correct you: Shea's not an intern! :)

Owner8 months ago

Yeah it was clear that it was your script, I just meant that they seemed to nail it on the delivery! And given the love that went into this, it's good that the video got past the usual flood of downvotes on reddit.

As for Shea, I still haven't watched/listened to Rahdo's coverage about the change in the channel, which seemed to be a commonly asked question in the recent video.

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