BGA Feature #81 Discover Games Page!!!!!


This has been a feature I've been wanting a long time. continues to do a good job to make the front page of interesting by rotating the highlighted game lists and I wanted an equivalent page for this site!

I've just finished it off and it's under the discover tab but here's the quick link: 

One of the cool additions to the basic structure of creating a highlighted list and linking to its game is the quick links section on the left side (Desktop Only) which shows off the rolling list of games as they're mentioned in comments using the # system. You can hover to see game info, click to go to the game page, or click the little message icon to go to the comment and read where it was mentioned!

Let me know what you think! Is there a cool discover idea you have that I should consider adding to the page?

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Premium User9 months ago

Great idea!  More ways to tempt me to buy games is always appreciated. ;)

Supporter9 months ago

Very cool.

Supporter9 months ago

So far so good.... I'll let you know if I think of more stuff for it. 

Owner9 months ago

Good job Trent! It's looking really good. As I mentioned, I'd like a Discover style page that combines our currently individual board game deals pages. I'd also like to see a Discover page for content (articles and videos)

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