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I was wondering if there was a way to add pictures to games.  That way if I am playing a game and snap a picture, I can add it to the game page.  

Sometimes its nice to be able to see other people's pictures of games when considering buying so you can look at the quality of components etc.  

This may already be a feature and I am just missing it.


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19 months ago

So I think I found it, you click on edit the game and then you can add pictures there.  Is there a way we could move the add pictures out of the edit game section?  So I don't feel like I am going to break the information from the game in order to add/save some pictures.  I think it would make people a lot more comfortable adding their own game play pictures in.


Supporter19 months ago

Yes. I will improve the workflow. I'd like to make it really easy to add photos to games.

Supporter19 months ago

I've made a small improvement where you can now go directly to the image management page from the game page. The link is right under the images.