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A few days ago I asked about the "Pax series" of games. Specifically I asked about #Pax Porfiriana, and if anybody had played it. The more I look into this whole series the more intrigued I am. I love the ideas behind them, I love that they come in small boxes but have full sized gameplay, I love the historical aspect. So, had anybody hear played any of the pax games? What did you think of them? Do you recommend them? Which are your favorites? 

My current order of interest is:

#Pax Renaissance

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

#Pax Porfiriana

#Pax Emancipation

#Pax Transhumanity

P. S. 

I'm sorta interested #Greenland (Third Edition) by Sierra Madre Games. Anybody ever play it? 

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15 months ago

What pushed Renaissance above Pamir?

Supporter15 months ago

So, it seems like it might be a little more subtle.... But, mostly I sorta like the theme a little better, sounds like it might be a little shorter, the box is smaller, there is a reprint coming, I don't hear as much about it. 

So, no good reason, just that has more of my interest at the moment. 

15 months ago

I have heard Renaissance can be quite long, I have not done too much research but I have just heard it through podcasts and such, and it is a lot to teach. That is what drew me to Pamir, easier teach, potential to be shorter games due to the dominance checks if someone scores more than 4 points over the others. 

Supporter15 months ago

I hear experienced players can play a full two player game in 30-40 minutes. 

Mark Bigmey from "so very wrong about games" says he regularly plays 4 player games in under an hour. 

And, like pax pamir you can play it solo. 

I do understand it is even more opaque than Pax Pamir. 

15 months ago

Wow! That is really quick! I feel that Pax games are all fairly opaque strategy wise. 

Pamir is still my number 1 just because it is so beautiful and sleek design wise. 

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