A Strategy Map for Scythe


A while ago we made a strategy map (here) to try to analyze Scyther better as a game (and get better at it!). We're thinking of updating it and making some others (we just did 7wonders as well), so it would be awesome if anyone has commented on it so we can make it better!

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Supporter12 months ago

Hey. That's a cool way to visualize it. 

Supporter12 months ago

Wow.  That is some impressive stuff.  I don't know that I could articulate my strategies for games in writing very well.

12 months ago

Thanks! Yep, we were trying to dig deep into the mechanisms! Any comments welcome though, hopefully people find it useful!

Premium User12 months ago

I love Scythe and that's a lot of work put into that map!  I play with the added encounter cards which significantly changes the game dynamics at times (one time I placed all the food resources on a tunnel tile just to see what folks would do).  

I think I've played about 6-7 games with at least 5 or more people and have managed to win either all of them or all but one.  I feel like the key to winning is often a combination of staying true to my engine AND being flexible when something critical changes (AKA, an opponent burning down the factory).  There was also one game that I was working a long term strategy but had 5 stars and the next closest player had 3 I think and when an opponent attached me and lost (giving me my 6th star) I primarily won due to stars as opposed to spreading out which I usually do to secure more hexes.

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