Board Game Topic Ideas


Trent recently released a feature called "Topics" that provides structure for topical discussions.

For example, we could post about awesome board game deals on the "Deals" topic page.

So I was wondering, what are some ideas you have for good topics to explore into? Here are some random thoughts in my head:

  • Board Game Art (space for forum discussion around board game art, tips for artists, how to find artists, different styles, etc)
  • Board Game Cafe (space to share your favorite cafes, good/bad experiences, how to start one, resources, etc)
  • Kickstarter Tips (space for Kickstarter hopefuls)
  • Kickstarter Red Flags (campaigns/creators/publishers to watch out for)
  • Region-based topics (e.g. Board Game Korea, Board Game Canada)
  • Life and Board Games (posts related to people sharing how they proposed to their significant other using board games, how board games affected their relationship with friends/family, etc)

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Supporter13 months ago

Regional would definitely be awesome. I know I’ve  learned about all kinds of regional events and got new member so in to my group as well from the BGG regional forums. 

Supporter13 months ago

There could maybe be topics for specific cons for specific years. For example "Essen 2019."

Supporter13 months ago

These are good ideas. I like an app one and design section

Supporter13 months ago

I hope there will be time to make a real marketplace, not just a forum topic :) Until then it could work.

Supporter13 months ago

Marketplace would be awesome. Otherwise your suggestions sound great. 

Supporter13 months ago

Marketplace is a great idea. 

Supporter13 months ago

Go for it and make them 😉. They’re not too precious. It’s just another tool to organize posts and find what you’re looking for.

13 months ago

Board game cafe could be lumped with FLGS. I also like the regional topic. Here are some others off the top of my head:

  • Game Design
  • Apps (scheduling app-based play sessions, etc.)
  • Random (for those things that aren't necessarily board game related but you want to discuss here anyway, because it's a good group of people)
  • Conventions (for meetups, mule service, etc.)
  • Marketplace?