Kickstarter Roundup: Parks gets a new expansion, QE and On Tour reprint, and Migration: Mars

Migration Mars

Board gaming's obsession with the red planet continues - not that I'm complaining!

With its gorgeous components and lovely look, this is one eye-catching eurogame. I'm not sure what the words 'devious betrayal' are doing in a game about extraplanetary colonization, but it's probably all fine. No need to check your oxygen seals, definitely.

Don't delay your launch on Migration: Mars - it's got only 3 days to go

QE and On Tour reprint campaign

A roll and write game about being a band manager and an auction game where you can bid literally any number you want - seventeen quadrillion six hundred and four? sorry you lost to one googol.

I haven't played On Tour but it's been very well received and sold out completely - QE however I did play and it's absolutely fantastic. I've never laughed so hard playing a non-party board game.

Place your bids and book your shows over on the main campaign page - and this one also ends in 3 days so get moving.

PARKS Expansion: Nightfall + PARKS Memories

Parks is an absolutely stunning board game with simple rules about hiking the national parks of the United States.

I don't know how much more convincing you need after looking at these visuals.

You can back the new Parks sets here.

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Supporter9 months ago

I really want to play #qe sometime. 

9 months ago

QE is so good. It's SO good.

Supporter9 months ago

I second this. The same designer makes a wooden game called #JamSumo - It’s a flickin’ dexterity game.   Which is a lot of fun as well.

Supporter9 months ago

I would love seeing a group meta develop. 

9 months ago

I decided to back the PARKS expansion as it was only $20ish dollars and the base game is so fun. 

9 months ago

aw yes! the more cool and unique games like this one the better.