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Lastly, for us to get to know you, it'd be great if you could take the time to answer any of these questions: 

  1. How did you find Board Game Atlas?
  2. How long have you been in the hobby?
  3. What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?


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New User10 days ago

  1. Since COVID locked everything in our province down, my partner and I have been looking for more things to do together while we're cooped up at home. I think I was looking for a copy of a game, but then got it in my head that there must be a place to compare prices. Like the boardgame equivalent of IsThereAnyDeal. So I Googled 'board game price comparison' and sure enough, boardgameprices.com was the top organic listing. So now this is my go-to when shopping around for a new game.
  2. My whole life to some degree, probably. But we usually played family games, card games. Wasn't until my early 30s I started getting more into boardgames as a hobby. So probably 5-8 or so years now.
  3. Spirits of the Wild, Jaipur and Circle The Wagons

Supporter9 days ago

Glad to have you here! Are there some games that have been on your radar lately?

New User9 days ago

I guess I recently pre-ordered The Dead Eye and Deep Space D-6: Armada when I saw their Kickstarters, so those I suppose. Renature also looks like fun.

New User10 days ago

1. I found this while looking for boardgame price aggregators. It's a great resource and I'm excited to dig in and see what all is offered. 

2. 12 years or so. I've always loved games. I think it started for me when my dad taught me chess when I was young. I think my eyes were opened to the world of board gaming when I first played Settlers of Catan in college. I soon learned there were other board games besides what Milton Bradley produced...and they were infinitely better! 

3. Favorite games right now: Eclipse, Dominion, Castles of Burgundy.  

8 days ago

Welcome! We love Dominion and CoB too! Nice to see them still holding up among your favorites after 12 years in the hobby!

Supporter9 days ago

Glad you landed here! Feel free to give your feedback as you explore the different parts of the website.

With the holiday seaon coming around, are there some games you've been thinking about getting before the end of 2020? I ended up going for #Star Wars: Rebellion out of left field haha. Eclipse looked great on SUSD's video. I'm somewhat glad that I don't have to think about buying it at all since I don't have the group for it.

New User9 days ago

There are ALWAYS games on my radar and I have several that I'm waiting to pull the trigger on. In no particular order: The Quacks of Quedlinburg, The Search for Planet X, Babylonia, Terraforming Mars, Gaia Project, Great Western Trail, COB 20th Anniversary to name a few.

6 days ago

If you have the choice between Terraforming Mars and Gaia Project, 10 times out of 10 I will recommend Gaia Project. Way better production and depth!

Supporter6 days ago

The last four games you mentioned are all ones that I probably won't get for a long time but have wanted to try out. Especially Gaia Project given the high praise from

New User9 days ago

I value scalability, with this Covid crap going on I'm playing with one person right now but will resume the typical three player count eventually. 

Supporter9 days ago

Are you playing the 1st or 2nd edition of Eclipse? If you have played both, which do you prefer?

New User9 days ago

I've only played first edition. I watched SU&SD's recent review of second edition and it further solidified my desire for it. I'm sad I missed the Kickstarter as I would have backed it I'm pretty sure. While it's definitely on my radar to get, the price tag has scared me off a bit. There are other games I want to get before 2nd edition but one day it will happen. With my holiday gaming budget I could get 3-4 other games I want OR eclipse. 

Supporter9 days ago

Yep, I too really would like to get second edition. 

New User10 days ago

1. Someone from Reddit suggested visiting BGA for board game price history and sales. Ended up staying for everything else this site has to offer.

2. Technically I started as a kid. I was infatuated with #Monopoly, #Sorry!, and #Risk. My interest died as I had no one to play with then I started getting serious again while I was in college about 7 years ago.

3. #Terraforming Mars #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition #Eldritch Horror

10 days ago

This is probably the best place to track board game price histories and comparison shop. I always see people referencing CamelCamelCamel, but that site only factors in Amazon prices. BGA lets me see the price history for the broad sphere of board game retailers, which is awesome!

Welcome to the site!

New User9 days ago

How is #Eldritch Horror? I play #Arkham Horror: The Card Game but I've noticed that Fantasy Flight has a whole bunch of Lovecraftian-inspired games in general. I've been curious and I've been wondering how it plays differently. 

New User9 days ago

I can't really make a good comparison to other games since #Eldritch Horror is the only Lovecraftian game I've played. It has a pretty steep learning curve, but once you've got the rules down, it's a pretty fun cooperative game. The scope is global, and the recommended player count reflects it. The game can technically play up to 8 people, but I think it works best at 2-5 although I have played a few games solo to get that itch and it still works solo. Like I said I can't really compare to other Lovecraftian games, but I hear it's more streamlined than #Arkham Horror, and I'm assuming more complicated than #Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

New User8 days ago

Haha that's fair! Not gonna stop me from being curious about it though :P 

I love co-op games! They're so satisfying. #Arkham Horror: The Card Game scratches my co-op itch! I currently play it with 4 people total (myself included), and our sessions are already a couple of hours. I can't imagine it with eight! Man, if I could even find eight people to play though hahah... 
Can't speak for the complexity since I've only played one game as well. I found the AH LCG to be pretty complex, but I'm new to the hobby so what do I know?! But it's good to know that #Eldritch Horror has a slight one-up over #Arkham Horror. If my friends are willing to indluge my curiosity, we might try it out!

Supporter9 days ago

Sweet :D

Glad you're enjoying it so far and feel free to give any feedback with any changes or wish features you'd like to see. How often do you manage to get in a session for Game of Thrones? It's a pretty long game right?

New User9 days ago

I probably play once every couple months. It's been getting easier to find people to play as I introduce the game to more and more friends. 

And yea the game can be pretty long. First play through trying learn the rules took 6 hours but I've managed to chop it down to a tidy 3.

9 days ago

3 hours isn't too bad!

10 days ago

I have heard lots of good things about #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition! I've actually been interested in #Battle for Rokugan, which some people have described as a sort of slimmed down version of Game of Thrones. Have you played that one?

New User10 days ago

I have not but it looks intriguing. So if you're not really into the Game of Thrones books or TV show, you will probably not like #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition. The game itself is not very fun or balanced. There's too many rules and potential for hurt feelings. BUT as a huge GoT fan, the immersion the game provides is amazing.

10 days ago

Haha, got it. I have never read the books or watched the show, so I'll be sure to avoid it :)

Plus I think it's out of print anyway

New User10 days ago


1. Found you guys through Googling "Board Game API". I'm learning to program and wanted to build an app that uses your API to display a list of games in a quiz for a school project. 

2. only about 6 months

3. The only ones I own are Ticket To Ride, Catan, and Monopoly 😳