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Favorite Party Games

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I've found party games are a great entry point in getting to know the people you're playing with. Most of them come with lots of laughs and great memories you can remember for years to come. Here are a few of my favorites:

#Monikers - This has been so much fun for us. When we first introduce it to new people, there's always someone who asks "how am I supposed to act out ___?" Once they realize the cards get reused every round, there's almost always some inside joke created in the first 2 rounds that makes the charades round both hilarious and easier. Always a hit.

#Secret Hitler - We play this quite a bit at my weekly game group, and it's always a great time. This is one I feel you need to play a few times with the same group to get people more comfortable trying to be deceptive. Or they just get really obvious with their tells, yet it's still a load of fun.

#Just One - There's nothing worse than having 3+ clues knock each other out. Save for maybe having 2 clues that seemingly have nothing to do with each other and watching the guesser struggle to make a connection. Then almost always in the next rounds, people will try to come up with the most unique words to "help" the guesser and no one will write down the most obvious. I love this game for that reason!

What are some of your favorite party games?

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4 months ago

I really like #Decrypto as a slightly heavier party game, everyone is participating all the time, so no space to get bored. Plus it is a very accessible challenge but one that you can feel clever about

4 months ago

Love Just One and Decrypto is high on my wish list. 

#Medium is one that's been a huge hit with people. Bought it thinking it would be fun and it's definitely engaged every group. The box art gets the attention and the simple gameplay encapsulates everyone at the table. I even let people know sometimes it's a wait at higher player counts but everyone stays invested having just as much fun watching others play on their turn. Melding your thoughts with your partner is harder than it seems but that makes a successful turn that much more exciting. 

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