My Top 10 Anticipated 2021 Kickstarter Campaigns


We're already almost half way throuh February, but at this point I think I have built enough of a reputation around here as a Kickstarter Junkie... I mean,  Superbacker that I thought I would throw out my Top 10 Most Anticipated upcoming campaigns (that I know of). In no particular order:

  1. #Weather Machine - I love medium and heavy games, so Lacerda is an insta-back for me.
  2. #Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices - It's a big KDM style game. I am a self-described plastic addict, and I love KDM, and this is adding weeb style on top of it. So yeah, I'm in. 
  3. #Dice Theme Park - A new game from the creators of Dice Hospital. More dice goodness. I'm a sucker for dice games. There's also going to be a Dice Hospital roll and write as part of the campaign. I'll be snagging that too. 
  4.  Zombicide: Undead or Alive - I know it gets a bad rap, but I really enjoy Zombicide for what it is: a dice chucking good time. Now it's in the wild west? Yes please! Sign me the eff up! 
  5. Mindclash Game - No idea what campaign they will be running this year. They run 1 per year. Will it finally be #Transhumanity? Or will it be the Project Nova game they've been working on? It's not Perseverance episodes 3 and 4, that's for sure. David Turczi even said that won't be until 2022 to give people time to play 1 & 2. Some people even think it may be a #Cerebria: The Inside World expansion. (which may be Project Nova)
  6. Garphill Games - I'm a simple man. I see Garphill Games, I press Back This Project. There will be multiple campaigns from them this year. #Paladins of the West Kingdom: City of Crowns, #Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder, a Circadians expansion, and #Circadians: Chaos Order. Supposedly there will be a Collector's box offered during the Paladins and Architects campaigns. Yeah I know, it's kind of cheating lumping four together into one entry, but you know what? It's my Top 10 list so I get to make the rules! :)
  7. #Mortal Kombat X: The Miniatures Game - The next in the series after #Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game. So now we can have SF and MK cross over with each other! I'm an all-in on Street Fighter which ate way to many quarters from me back in the day. MK did as well. 
  8. #Eleven: Football Manager Board Game - I have no interest in soccer, but when I saw this was a scenario driven game where you are managing all aspects of the team from the back office to what kind of tactics the team will use in a match (but stopping short of being a full match simulation) I was excited. It will be an insta-back from me. 
  9. #Unconscious Mind - Fantasia had a stellar KS debut with #Endless Winter: Paleoamericans, especially for being a new publisher. I suppose it helps that Jonny Pac is a developer for them. As a former psychology major, this game's premise is right up my alley. Then to top it off it has two great artists on board where each one will be representing the Conscious and Unconscious aspects of the game's art.   *mindblown*
  10. #Three Sisters - It's a new roll &  write by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle who did Fleet: The Dice Game which is, IMNSHO, the best R&W ever made. (I still need to play Rome & Roll, so we'll see if that title holds once I do) Without a doubt I will be backing this. 

Now for some honorable mentions. These are all ones I know are coming but didn't make the top 10 most anticipated for one reason ro another:

  • #Oceans: Legends of the Deep - I really like Oceans, and it's one of the few games my wife likes ot play. So normally that's an insta-back, bu North Star Games has been having a rough go of it lately economically, so there's a pall hanging over it. 
  • Myth & Goal - A fantasy football game from Blacklist made by a designer of the newest edition of Blood Bowl and Blitz Bowl. I have the newest Blood Bowl, so I really don't need another one, but I'm curious to follow it and see what it is. If it's a faster, "lighter" game I may add it to my collection for times when you don't want to haul out Blood Bowl.
  • #Florence - I have Ragusa and Venice is on the way. This is the third in the Trilogy.
  • #Adventure Ink: Five Factions of Filigree - Interesting premise (a write and role playing game... get it?), but it's launch this year depended on the success of their other game #Plunderous which failed to fund in Q4 of 2020. So it's a question of whether they relaunch Plunderous or go for this instead. If they do launch this, they have my curiosity.
  • #Entity - A one vs many game that is essentially Predator in a box. The only issue is it's Red Imp Games who have a reputation for mediocre games. I will have to scrutinize it a bit more.
  • #Singularity Sky - Interesting premise of sci-fi secret agents working undercover as merchants. Based off a book series apparently. (will have to look it up)
  • #Seventh Cross - Metroidvania in a box. If they can pull it off well, it will be awesome. This has been "coming soon" for a very long time. Level 99 swears this year is the year. 
  • #Distilled - Really like the concept... but it's a card game. Card games are not my jam generally. Not to say I don't own plenty of them, but they make up a much smaller percentage of my collection and they have to work harder to grab my attention. The fact that it's in the honorable mentions means I see merit, but it still has a lot of work to do to get nme to press Back This Project.
  • #Hippocrates - Interesting premise, but sounds an awful lot like #Galenus. Will have to see if it diverges enough to also have. 
  • #Last Light - A 4x space game designed by none other than Roy Cannaday. I'm interested in seeing how this looks. 
  • #Chai: Tea for 2 - 2-player Dice worker placement in the "Chai-verse". Chai was such a surprisingly fun game. I am curious to see what they do here. 
  • #Tharos - From Spielworxxx. It's a Dice/Bag building game. They had me at dice. Looking forward to seeing what this is about. (UPDATE: So the campaign began. I felt very meh about it. Nothing about it caught my attention and made me want to play it. Passing on this one.)
  • #Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 3 - More plastic Batman crack. Plus the rulebook is being redone by Paul Grogan! Just need to see if there's anything worthwhie or if it's just going to be a sea of alternate sculpts like the previous campaigns. 
  • #Super Fantasy Brawl - They have a new campaign coming with 9 new characters. Thei retail launch plans got derailed because of COVID, so they're doing this instead. No idea if it's going to include what was originally goign to be their retail characters or not. This was the arena skirmish game that got me to break my mantra of "no arena/skirmish games, I can just play Warhammer".

What are you most looking forward to this year? Did I mention any you didn't even know about? Talk at me!


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Moderator Level 17 months ago

The only kickstarter campaign I am really looking forward too right now is the second edition of #John Company.

Supporter6 months ago

I'm looking forward to seeing what it's about... the BGG thread is making me feel like it may not be for me.  But man do I love #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

7 months ago

I don't hear about that game often, but everything I hear is very positive about it. I forgot all about that one. 

Supporter6 months ago

On your list I would be intesreted (if I could just get more games for the heck of it) in the #Eleven: Football Manager Board Game game because I love the theme.  I do really enjoy Manager mode in Fifa.

I'd also really look at #Last Light since a 4X space game is something I still don't have yet in my collection and would love to add.

Supporter6 months ago

I've already backed my only expansion this year and I'm excited about it (as I am with all things #Root)

#Root: The Marauder Expansion