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TCbH’s Off The Table - Mar 4, 2019 - Pandemic Rapid Response leak confirmed with Z-man Games

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Hi all! Off the Table is a weekly tabletop gaming news show in 10 minutes or less. This week’s top story is the leak of Pandemic Rapid Response, an upcoming real-time dice game that I’ve confirmed with Z-Man Games. 

Time stamps and links are live in the video description, but I thought I’d post them here too:


0:10 - Leaked photo shows that Z-Man is working on an unannounced Pandemic Game “Rapid Response” 

01:41 - Zman Games announces Hadara, a multicultural civilization builder.

02:20 Talisman: Kingdom Hearts is coming from USAopoly

02:33 More New Announcements from Board Game Atlas 


03:38 - RPG Zines, Zine Quest & Terror of the Stratosfiend 


06:27 - How, What, and Why do you cull your collection?

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