Classic Games you haven’t played


What's a classic hobby game that you've never had the opportunity to play?

Depending on when you entered the hobby there could be loads of games that are considered classics. But for whatever reason you just never had the chance to play. Are there  some that you wish you had a chance to play? Are the some that you are glad exist but don't really have a desire to play?

Lets discuss!

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Owner9 months ago

TONS. And most of them are what I'd consider "milestones" I'd want to hit to be a well-rounded gamer and content creator. I've considered buying the digital versions of some of these games just to have the experience. 

I doubt I'll end up buying any of them. I'm sure I'll have fun, but it won't get to the table much at all.

Supporter9 months ago

Maybe when your son is older you'll play#Kingdomino. It's a good one with my kids. 

Owner9 months ago

Yeah it's the most likely one that I'd buy out of that list! 

9 months ago

A bunch of these are available to play for free on various websites like Board Game Arena! Then you can get a decent multiplayer experience too. Honestly some of these games are so well implemented I almost prefer them on Board Game Arena. I can finish a game of 7 Wonders in five to ten minutes, which is insane.

9 months ago

I think #Carcassonne might be one of the basic standards of intro boardgaming haha.  The others being maybe #Pandemic and #Ticket To Ride

I'm using the #Carcassonne set to play with my 3 y.o. right now.  We're just practicing taking turns and then matching the map up.  Its surprisingly cathartic because we build this big giant map without holes which you never get when playing a real game. 

Premium User9 months ago

Lots of good games in there!  If I had to pick 3 I'd say Power Grid, Race for the Galaxy, and The Castles of Burgundy.  Kingdomino is a great filler game too.

9 months ago

A LOT!! Pretty much the same as what everyone else has written currently, but even more. I suppose the only one I don't see out of the bunch yet is #Azul. I'd definitely still like to try it! It looks like something I could play with family even with a language barrier. 

Supporter9 months ago

Oddly I have no desire to play Azul. Just not that interested in it. 

9 months ago

Any particular reason? I'm just curious. To me, abstract games don't look super exciting at first glance because of their lack of obvious theme. 

Moderator Level 19 months ago

There are so so many classics that I havn't played, but really want to.

  • #Twilight Struggle: Classic two player GMT cold war game. This was number one on the BGG for a number of years. And it seems to be one of those rare hybrid games that appealed to both euro gamers and wargamers.
  • #Concordia: I have never played any games from Mac Gerdts, and honestly there are a few others of his that interest me more, but this does seem to be a great game. And, I really want to try it sometime.
  • #Die Macher: A game about german parlimentary elections???? sounds thrilling, doesn't it??? Seriously, this game looks good.
  • #El Grande: One of the classics, if not THE classic area control from the mid 90's.
  • #Hansa Teutonica: One of the old ugly euros. It looks like it could be really fun.

There are also a number of classics that I have no desire to play:


Supporter9 months ago

Aww, what's wrong with#Trajan? I found it quite enjoyable. It just missed my Top 20. 

Moderator Level 19 months ago

I haven't played it.... I just have gotten a desire to play it. 

9 months ago

The list is endless I am sure, but off the top of my head I've never played:

#The Castles of Burgundy - Although I do have very vague memories of at least seeing that game so maybe I have, who knows

#Cosmic Encounter - I hear endlessly good things about it but no one I know owns it

#Terraforming Mars - I actually own this game, I picked up a very battered copy for next to nothing in a warehouse excess store but have just never found a time to open it up.

#Scythe - Not sure if this counts as a classic, but it was certainly a game that made waves. I've never quite pulled the trigger on buying it (even on sale) and haven't had the opportunity to try it elsewhere.

I have recently played #Terra Mystica for the first time, and have been loving it. I've been playing it 'slowly' via the other BGA (board game arena) and it is great for that as you can really think about it between turns. I think my AP tendancies would struggle in person.


Supporter9 months ago

You need to play#Terraforming Mars. It's great. Solo mode is quite good. 

9 months ago

Yeah, I kept meaning to but then the Pandemic hit and I've both been busier than ever with work and not been able to play in person. One day though!

9 months ago

I haven't played probably many classics but a few that others have mentioned that jogged my memory:

#Agricola (Revised Edition) - I actually have this because a friend gave it to me but haven't had a chance to attempt it

#Power Grid - I've been wanting to play this one for a long time but its never worked out

#Twilight Struggle - I bought this one because it was #1 on BGG for such a long time.  I was hoping to play it with my husband someday.

Haven't played either of the epic super games of yore #Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition or #Eclipse.  Those I might never get to just because of the super long play times. 

Supporter9 months ago

I'm super interested in TI4 or Eclipse 2 but I just don't have the group for those games. Or the time really. But if I had the group I would try to make time. 

9 months ago

Yeah if someone invited me over to play it I would totally do that (provided I could get away for that long haha).  But I'm never purchasing them for myself. 

9 months ago

#Twilight Struggle - I love the Pax series of card-driven games. I also really enjoy tense 2P experiences. There's enough geopolitical flavour here that I feel I would enjoy this immensely. 

#Power Grid - I enjoy auction games, I am not very good at economic games. I would like to at least give this a shot once.

#Caylus - I have the 1303 version but I haven't played it yet. Being the OG worker placement game, and in true classic euro design can also be very interactive with the potential to make some mean moves. Would love to play this.


Supporter9 months ago

Caylus is one I've forgotten about. I too would enjoy trying that one. 

9 months ago

It's hard to define "classics" so I limited myself to games over 10 years old.

#Caverna: The Cave Farmers - I didn't like #Agricola (Revised Edition), but I'm really interested in playing this one.  It seems like it addressed the things I didn't like.

#Dominion: Second Edition - I don't really have any interest in this one.  Pure deck-builders aren't really my thing even though I like that mechanic in larger games.

#El Grande - This game really appeals to me, even the dated art style seems to fit the theme well.

#Lords of Waterdeep - I would be interested in playing this one mainly for it's legacy.

#Power Grid - Definitely interested in playing this one.

#Puerto Rico - The reputation of this one scares me off.

#Race for the Galaxy - I need to try this at some point.  It seems like a rite of passage.

#Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition - I would be interested in playing this one just to say that I did it, but I think I would be really bad at it.

#Twilight Struggle - I have no real interest in this one.  The theme doesn't appeal to me.

Supporter9 months ago

Lots of good ones on here I would love to try too. 

9 months ago

What's Puerto Rico's reputation?

Moderator Level 19 months ago

I am not sure what is refering to. But PR has a reputation for being a game with a huge huge meta. If you. There is a huge meta about what roles should be played and in what order. It is a game, where if you play with experienced players, you can completely mess up their game by accident. You can just pick the wrong role, or buy the wrong building. Let me be clear, I think this is more of a player problem than a game problem. And, as far as I am concerned, I don't consider myself a good player, but I do think this is an awesome game.

9 months ago

You nailed it.  From what I've heard, there is a "correct" way to play and if you step outside of that it gives other players an obvious advantage.  Perhaps that's only the case in high-level play, but either way a game like that intimidates me.

9 months ago

I very much enjoy PR as well.  I consider myself maybe competent at the game, but far from high-level.  I can see how this might be the case with the certain turn order, but I feel like part of the game is picking jobs that the other players aren't ready for, and sometimes out of order might not be the best for you but its worse for everyone else.  Anyway, don't let its reputation scare you!  Just don't play with anyone super experienced? haha

Supporter9 months ago

There are tons of "classic" games that I've never had the opportunity to play. A few that I'd love to try include:

1.#The Castles of Burgundy

I know this one seems to be either loved or hated but I would like to try it once just to see what it's like. 

2.#Puerto Rico

Dont know much about this game, to be honest, but I think it is undeniably a classic game at this point. Would like to try it just to see how it's shaped board gaming. 

3.#Power Grid

Another game that is clearly a classic at this point. And one that I think I would enjoy, given the opportunity to play it. 

Owner9 months ago

I haven't played any of those you've mentioned and I also haven't played, and I'm not sure if they all classify as classics but, #Agricola (Revised Edition), #Terraforming Mars, #Concordia, #Splendor, #Ticket To Ride, #Patchwork, and actually a lot others I see on our popular page which is where I'm trying to look, haha.

Supporter9 months ago

You haven't played#Ticket To Ride? That's definitely a classic.

I've only played#Agricola on the app.

Otherwise#Terraforming Mars is amazing game. Is it old enough to be considered a classic?

9 months ago

Yeah I think those are all considered classics at this point. A lot of these have app versions that may be on sale right now if you're into that! There are so many games coming out every year (and so many good ones, too) that it's totally possible to be playing a lot of games and still never get to the older "classics." This is even without accounting for things like taste or group sizes.