Deals of the Day: September 2, 2020


#Century: A New World is $20.97 as the Game Nerdz  Deal of the Day, save 48%

#Legends of Andor: The Last Hope is $29.99 as the Card Haus Daily Deal, save 50%

Luxor is ~$40 at Amazon, save 34%

#Tang Garden is $36 as the Miniature Market Daily Deal, save 45%. 

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2 months ago

Ha! Another #War Chest avatar! Love it. The Scout...quite a pesky/useful unit, depending on which side it's on, haha.

Supporter2 months ago

I haven't played, but I really liked this avatar.

2 months ago

Yeah the avatars Phil added from the game are all really cool

Supporter2 months ago

Added Luxor lightning deal

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