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In my opinion, there is no better board game experience than Gloomhaven. Being a legacy RPG allows the game to continue to reveal itself over time. Gloomhaven is at its best when you are being challenged by the interesting puzzles that it's card driven combat presents. Adding more abilities to your characters growing list of skills expands your tool kit and is one of the main reasons I keep returning to this game again and again. However if you are new to the hobby or just don't think you have enough time, table space or money for one of the biggest boxes in board gaming, waiting until later this year for the stand alone expansion, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, may be a better option for you.

If you are looking for a cooperative game with a campaign and interesting story on a smaller scale, checkout Near and Far from Red Raven Games. However if what appeals to you is the heavy strategy and large scope of the game, Mage Knight might be worth your consideration. Finally, Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 has coop, an excellent story narrative, constantly evolving rules (albeit much simpler than Gloomhaven) and might be one of the best legacy game experiences you can have.

-So much content! Over a hundred of hours of gameplay in a continuing narrative arch
-Art work is fantastic and evocative
-Combat rounds are quick and line of sight rules are easily applied
-Symbols are clear and easy to understand when reading cards and applying effects
-Combat feels more like solving a puzzle using a carefully planned strategy
-As you level up, card drive battle deck allows for improved odds of success on attacks
-Feels like a new world with races and classes that don't conform to the typical fantasy genre tropes
-Every new character you play presents new challenges and opportunities to change your play style keep the gameplay fresh over time
-Modular board makes you feel like you are seeing something different when you set up a new scenario
-Many different monsters, each presenting their own unique challenges for the heroes to overcome
-Can be played solo (if you are into that) without any adjustment to the rules

-It's a large investment of both time and money
-Takes up a lot of table space (there is a world map board, the scenario board, all the character boards, monster stat sheets and cards)
-Setup and tear down time is longer than most board games
-Two hour game when there are four people
-May be too long for some players
-While having players dropping in and out of a campaign can be facilitated, it's probably best to pay each scenario with the same group

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