Designing for Loss, Part One: Obscuring the Loss | Mechanics & Meeples

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Classic board games are all about competition: someone wins and (usually) several someones lose. But, those games aren’t just about instantaneous moments of victory. They’re about ever ...

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Premium User23 months ago

That's a great article!  I like that aspect of many euro games.  I think that's one reason why I like Heaven and Ale.  When I played Raiders of the North Sea last week I was able to come from behind via the efficiency of turns compilation than ended up winning out.  I love it when you can work internally with a games systems to devise an engine that's hard for other players to see clearly.  

Owner23 months ago

Agreed, it's not something that crossed my mind too much (and I can't think of many games that make you feel this way) but it's a real downer when it's obvious that you're doing horribly bad and the game reminds you of it every step of the way lol. Engine-builders are great at hanging that last straw in front of you :)

Come to think of it, I wonder if this series will cover games with catch-up mechanics like The Quacks of Quedlinburg where you're never too far behind of the leader.

Moderator Level 123 months ago

This is a very interesting article. Thanks for sharing. 

Owner23 months ago

Glad you enjoyed it!

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