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"Take a pic and post it!" *potential Spoilers*

This is us BARELY pulling off a win on Scenario 7 for #Aeon's End: Legacy. I can always tell when Melaniei had a good time when she asks me to take a pic to post it hear :)

Something also really rare for us happened, We won not by killing the Boss but by getting through his Nemesis deck! It was nuts!

Plus there was a fun little surprise at the end of this There was an entire new scenario under the game insert with an End Game Deck too!  

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Premium User30 days ago

Yay to SO's liking board games hahaha

30 days ago

Seriously the best!! I love it when a game fits our sensibilities well!

Supporter29 days ago

I loved that surprise at the end! So cool discovering that extra content. 

29 days ago

I will be honest, I did discover it earlier on but it was still fun. I thought it would be just continuation stuff but it is not just that!

Supporter29 days ago

I didn't even think to look there so it was a total surprise for me 

Supporter29 days ago

I love hearing when SO's are so into game sessions.

29 days ago

Brings me GREAT joy!

Owner29 days ago

Awesome :)

Curious how she'll take to #Too Many Bones or #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Hope it happens soon! And I also want to share the trick shot video soon so that everyone can see what your wife is like lol

29 days ago

I think Gloomhaven will be coming for Christmas so hopefully soon! I am hoping that is a gateway into TMB!

I kinda forgot about that video! I cant wait to see it!

Supporter29 days ago

That sounds great.... I'm over hear, just waiting.

Premium User29 days ago

👀oh man I can't wait to see this

30 days ago

Congrats on the win! So much fun when your partner is excited about the game too :)

30 days ago

Lol I agree! She called it HER game lol

30 days ago

love it!

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