Riverfolk Expansion is Coming to Root on Steam


Dire Wolf Digital just announced that the long-awaited Riverfolk Expansion content is coming to Root on Steam (April 27)! In addition, Root digital is currently on sale for 35% off.

For those who aren't familiar with this expansion, here's what's included:

  • The Riverfolk Company
  • The Lizard Cult
  • New Vagabond variants
  • New single player scenarios and tutorials

Hope you like the news and how timely that was asking about the status on this just the other day :)

Side note: What do you think about an event some day where it'll be something along the lines of "beat Phil in a best of 5" where you send in challengers from our forum? Or maybe it'll be me vs. and everyone can guess who'll win in a best of 5 for fun? (No idea if something like this could happen)

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Supporter24 days ago

I think this is great for those people who are really into the Digital version.

Owner23 days ago

Agreed! I'll be playing a 3p game with and a friend of ours sometime in the future. It'll be my first ever 3p game so it'll be interesting in terms of the faction combination.

Supporter22 days ago

Yeah, and you know we can get a 4P game running on TTS at some point to, ha!

11 days ago

I am so pumped for this.  I am all for a challenge.  Let's make it happen.  Or maybe and go head to head with an increasingly severe penalty for the loser each game.  Like take a shot of hot sauce type stuff.


I love this idea!!!!

Owner10 days ago

Trent and I tried a few of those types of content before (the painful kind), and we can certainly do more :)

8 days ago

Sounds like a video I would watch

22 days ago

I love #Root, picked this deal up mainly because I have a truck driver friend that can play it with me since he often cant be here to play in person.

24 days ago

I sure wish they'd mark down the iOS version... I'm sure they will as soon as I buy the PC one!

Owner23 days ago

haha have you been using the iOS version a lot? How is it? I still haven't tried it on my phone

23 days ago

Nope.  Have not bought since it's never on sale!  Heard nothing but good things though.  

Owner23 days ago

Lol what am I saying... but yeah, I hope you get to try it out! I personally like the implementation. It was jarring at first because of too much movement/animation going on, but there was a simple workaround and it felt closer to the table experience.

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