Game Trade Thursday

Comment with a list of games your want and/or a list of games you would be open to trade away and add in your location like City/State so anyone interested in a local swap can do that. If you're interested in starting a trade, either reply or DM to figure out the details. Make sure to update the comment after the deal is done.

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16 months ago

I am open to trading #King of Tokyo, #Cry Havoc, #Smash Up, and possibly #Cosmic Encounter

Partner16 months ago

I've got a few I'd be interested in a trade: I'm located in Chicago, Steam Torpedo: First Contact GameTikalParlaySanta's WorkshopAnasaziPatricianSuburbiaA Game of Thrones: Hand of the KingBiblios, I've got more, but this is a good start.... My wife and I generally like engine building and worker placement best. But I'm open.

Supporter16 months ago

Would you trade #Suburbia for my barely used copy of #Formula D?

Partner16 months ago

I already have that one.... anything else?