Experiences of playing classic games...by yourself

Has anyone ever had the experience, maybe as a kid or even now, of playing an old classic game like Monopoly or Life or Candy Land completely by themselves? Maybe you didn't have any siblings to play with or maybe your spouse isn't into board games. Or maybe you were just trying to make up your own rules of how to make a solo mode work in a game that didn't have that option.

I know for myself, my sister was 9 years older than me, so I played a lot by myself as kid. My husband and I were just talking the other the day about our experiences playing games as a kid, and I recalled playing #Guess Who? by myself. How in the world is that supposed to work?! I guess I must have gotten creative with my clues trying to trick myself :D

What are some of the memories that come to mind for you if you've had a similar experience in your life? 

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10 months ago

Hahaha. Oh my your post has brought back such fond memories. I would play Backgammon alone all the time. Looking back now (under the guidance of https://gametablesguide.com/backgammon-setup-and-rules/) I realize that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Just wanted to look as cool as my pops and granddad did 😄

Supporter11 months ago

I don't have specific memories. I do however have a vast store of vague memories of me, by myself, playing #Monopoly, #The Farming Game, and #Chess.

11 months ago

I definitely have memories of playing chess by myself as a kid.  My headspace was playing as two different people, one that I secretly wanted to win, and as I took each player's turn, I would act in character as if I didn't know what the other player was thinking.  Somewhere along the way the "other guy" would blunder as if he didn't know what he was doing and of course I'd eventually win..... 

I also used to collect these small Star Wars ship figurines, and I made up a game where you place two on the carpet and slam them into each other head on and whichever ship landed upside down was defeated.  I'd setup tournaments to see which ship was the best ramming ship.  I think the Mon Calamari star cruiser was almost always in the finals because it was such a smooth ship that everything would kind of ramp off it and flip over.

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