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Thrift Treasure: Shootout Board Game


Scarce or rare may mean valuable, but doesn't always mean good. This game of Shootout is a perfect example of why some games should have never been made....

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Premium User3 months ago

LOL this review is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh

3 months ago

Lately thrift hunting has been more miss than hit.

Premium User3 months ago

What's the best game you've found thrift hunting?

3 months ago

That's a tough one. One of my favorites was a 3D Chess board. Classics from my childhood are what I prefer - Crossfire, Dragon Strike, etc.

Probaby the most valuable was a still-sealed copy of Zaxxon. Ended up selling it to a college professor (game design) in California who was putting together a course on video games turned board games. I'm sure it ended up being opened....

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